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Michele Soptei

Matt Cowley about almost 3 years ago


Michele Soptei was a stalwart WMNF volunteer, with her husband Bob. The phrase, Bob & Michele, was invented for them. They masterminded, with good friends Kathy & Bill Roberto, the WMNF raffle. Michele and Bob were the recipients of the 2010 Dave Roosa Special Event Volunteers of the Year Award.

Michele died suddenly Thursday night, and we shall miss her terribly. There is no exaggeration in writing that she was one of the nicest people you could ever meet. She was kind and sweet, friendly and welcoming.

Michele loved Bob, helping, quilting, animals, Bruce Springsteen, and much more. We are heartbroken to hear of her death.

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Hugs to Bob

I will never forget my short time working on quilts with Michele. She really was one of the nicest people I've ever met, and always positive minded. I will miss her.

Thank You for Your Remembrance

Michele was my cousin. To say that we are all shocked and deeply saddened by her passing would be a huge understatement. I will miss growing old with her and being able to share family thoughts and memories. Keeping Bob and Uncle Richard constantly in my thoughts.

Remembering Michelle

I am deeply saddened on hearing the news of Michelle's passing. She was so kind to everyone, always smiling, positive, and generous in so many ways. My thoughts go out to Bob and everyone who loved her. “To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die.” ~Thomas Campbell

Our Dear Michele

Devastating news to hear of Michele's passing. The world was a way better place with Michele in it. We should all be grateful for the good energy she brought to this life every day. Ever smiling, and always carrying such a great attitude about life. I know I am a better person for the time we knew each other. My heartfelt condolences to Bob and the family of one of the sweetest people I have ever known.

Michelle Soptei Had a Big Part in My Life, She Was My Big Sis From The Big Sis/Big Brother Program, Ever Since i Was 13 I am Now 17, She And Her Husband Was a Blessing in My life, I Was going through alot when she came along, and she helped me through alot, I Had so much fun and joy when i was with her, We Had our ups and downs, But who doesnt, I Still Remember the day I Got the call From Bob Saying Michelle had past away, I Felt guilty becuase we hadnt talked for two months, We were suppose to go to our last, Disney Park, And she went into surgry before , becuase she knew we had alot of walking to do, It still blows my mind that shes gone, She was always so sweet and kind, She did alot for me and my family, And theres no way i could ever repay her or her husband, She taught me how to crochet and sewing and much more, We went on many adventures, And May God Be with Her Family, I Made a Promise to her that i will Graduate and thats what i plan on doing, Class of 2015, She will be dearly miss ,xoxox Her Little Mikayla Bowling