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Police Brutality During Wall Street Protests?

Rob Lorei about almost 4 years ago

Video from yesterday's sit in near Wall Street. Watch the police officers trying to cover their badges. What do you think of this video?!

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Oligarchy in Charge!

The blatant lack of media coverage of this significant protest makes clear the Plutocrats are running our nation and using unregulated, unrestrained capitalism to concentrate our nation's wealth and, the world's wealth, in the hands of the extremely wealthy and powerful people who now control our media, our government and our futures. We will be pushed into low wage scarce jobs to make more money for these greedy bastards. UNRESTRAINED AND UNCONTROLLED CAPITALISM IS A CANCER TO PLANET AND THE HUMAN RACE. Where is our MEDIA??????

Party on dudes…

Did he scwatch his wittle fingur??? Police brutality… give me a break!!! But… I’m sure someone will do something really stupid and get a bunch of people hurt or even killed.

They know they're criminals, that's why they hide

Breaking the law is never justified, and Im sure their actions WILL end up getting a bunch of people hurt. I'm talking about the cops, btw. Two friends of mine are NYPD and my grandfather was NYPD for 38 years. All three are appalled by the NYPD's behavior. Because it's illegal. They will all be suspended and imprisoned for FELONIES and their victims will sue the department for several million and WIN. Stop being an apologist Glenn. Wake up and realize that not everything Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh says is morally or ethically sound. Beating, macing, kettling and clotheslining are all ILLEGAL, FELONY ACTS OF ABUSE PUNISHABLE BY SUSPENSION AND PRISON. Just because you paint the entire universe with your WORLDVIEW doesn't mean that people who don't subscribe to your worldview deserve to be treated like animals. In America, DISSENT == PATRIOTISM. If you don't believe me, read anything Thomas Jefferson ever wrote on the matter.

An Opinion

I'd like to address Glenn's statements. I wasn't there and the media has not covered this despite my having written to major media outlets asking why. When you're not there, you shouldn't judge what happened. I'm assuming you were not around during the Vietnam protests, so you haven't any idea what can happen during these type of protests. Making fun of the protestors without knowing what happened is just plain ignorant and wrong. Would you rather live in a country where you did not have the right to dissent? Would you rather live in a country where you could not peacefully voice your opinion? If that's the case perhaps you might enjoy living in a Middle Eastern country since Nazi Germany and Communist Russia are no more


That's nothing. I long for the days of democratic peace riots of the 70s. The cops did some real beating back then. :)

A Bunch of Whiners

Good thing I'm not a cop. I wouldn't be able to ignore all that shrill, repetitive whining. I would have pepper sprayed anybody who filmed me and then arrested them.

Been there... done that!!!

I'd like to reply to Elio's statements. I am a Vietnam Era former Marine… I know what real protests are and what real police brutality is!!! And once again I would like to ask the question… Did he scwatch his wittle fingur???

Conservatives hate American values

Our conservative friends posting comments here seem to justify police brutality, violence and torture. They also oppose the right to peacefully assemble- which is guaranteed in the First Amendment to the Constitution. It raises many questions. Do we want people who hold these extreme beliefs to be in charge of the country? Are they supporters of the Constitution? Where in the law does it say that police have the right to physically abuse peaceful citizens? Can we ever trust a conservative to act in the best interests of all citizens?

Dam Rite!

Seem to? I whole-heartedly endorse police brutality when necessary. Especially when the police's tolerance and restraint, both natural and as dictated by policy, are being taken advantage of by immature college students and deadbeats who know they are as safe as in their mothers' arms when challenging the law. If these kids knew they were subject to imprisonment in a facility that did not provide any of life's necessities or worse, I am sure that not one of them would have shown up. These are self-centered, camera hogs who care more about their own welfare that what was once our country but is now a fractured, dying state.

If You Support The Right To Peaceful Assembly You

Hey Ralph, My suggestion is that if you do not support our Constitution that you find some other country in which to live. How about China? There the police have supreme powower. Your sub-normal posts are the most un-American things I have ever read. Police are there to serve and protect not to pepper spray the innocent.

Liberals don’t have American values…

Hey Fred… your rights end where my rights begin!!! It’s my right to be able to go to work without being harassed by a mob!!! Quit blocking my way or get a parade permit. You’re pretty quick to invite someone to leave America… when you’re the one that doesn’t seem to like it!!! By-the-way... quit trying to hide behind the Constitution while you’re trying to destroy it!!! Hey… I’ve got an idea about who should become an ugly American in another country…

Dissent is Patriotic

Glenn, have you forgotten that this country was founded by progressive rebels? Not folks like you with your weak bitter whining that seeks to justify the status quo at the expense of working class Americans. It's your Empire of money against humanity and the nature world. You aint gonna win that one dude!

You Don't Get Out Much, eh?

I support the constitution and the law. Which means I do not support a bunch of jerks blocking the street and then getting seriously hysterical about being gently moved (when they refuse to move). Most people --well, everyone I talk to --feels the same way that I do. It's a very common point of view and if you think it's unAmerican, you need to get out more.


look at his finger! look at his finger! he's bleeding!!! if this isn't the very worst example of police brutality i've ever seen- I am speechless with outRAGE! where do i sign up? i'm joining the revolution comrades!

You Americans will destroy what makes this country

Ralph and Monica, I came here from Salvador fifteen years ago. There the security forces had the power you champion. I can tell you that many people died simply for standing up for their rights. If you give your consent to these injuries inflicted by the police you are against democracy. These young people prevented no one from getting to work. They peacefully sat down to manifest their opposition to the power of money to control the political process. If you people who complain about big government give this kind of power to the police, soon they will brutalize you. "First they came for the Jews....".. This is Big Governmnet at its worst.

This country is made of Big Govment...

Manfredo is right… “This is Big Government at its worst”… and downsizing govment should be at the top of everyone’s list!!! Welcome to the GOP Manfredo…

The Republicans Like Big Oppressive Government

What Glenn fails to admit in his low-information cocoon is that the GOP loves the military and police excesses. He's willing to support the most dangerous aspects of government, no matter what they cost. But if it comes to health care, education or protecting the environment- the part of government that elevates peoples lives- he's against it. (Along with his fellow GOP members.) Glen won't be satiisfied until he turns this nation into Somalia- where we're all fighting each other for a few scraps of land and food. Glen was the very person Saturday Night Live aimed at last week with the joke about "mud people living in caves." Glen you are a disgrace.

Good point but...

Manfredo has a good point. No one wants the police to have absolute power. I understand how it is in other countries. I am just saying that, in this instance, I have no patience for posers and cry babies when you know every well, with your background, that they have nothing to cry about. They got to sit down and protest like they wanted. They got arrested like they wanted. And now they want to complain? It's a double standard and I don't accept it. First round of pepper spray is on me!

Glenn is a NazI?

Glenn, Everything that's been said about you here is true. You have no heart and you represent the thoughtlessness of all conservatives. Have Tea Party members been pepper sprayed at their protests? No! Have anti abortion activists been pepper sprayed? No! Have pro-Ten Commandments protestors been pepper sprayed? No! These Wall Street folks are peaceful and you represent the leading edge of fascism when you advocate police attacks on people exercising their Constitutional rights. Gawwd am I glad you are not in charge.

A what???

Hey Candy… if you honestly believe me to be a national SOCIALIST… you have seriously missed the boat!!!

A what??? Again...

Hey Jose… “mud people”??? I actually had to look that one up!!! What... are you some sort of race baiter??? And... NO I do not want to turn this country into Somalia!!! Please... I already live in a city full of pirates... thank you very much!!! Ever hear of a guy named Jose Gaspar??? By-the-way... I noticed you said "Somalia- where WE'RE all fighting" Dude... I understand that some of our military excesses have popped a few of your Jose Gaspars!!! You can thank President Obama for that...

Ohhhhh yyhhhaaaaa

Just set the place on fire and they can jump out the windows with there gold parachute.

Behead Bankers Now!

oh yeah

you're all quiet now -you jump on Glenn for his lack of sympathy but what about your comrade, Roseanne? She wants to behead rich people. And I guarantee you that some of you weirdos would go along with it.