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Programmer Spotlight: Cheryl Mogul of Saturday Soulful Soiree!

Naveen Sultan about over 1 year ago


Cheryl Mogul of Saturday Soulful Soiree

Saturday Soulful Soiree offers the best R&B, soul, and funk music! Meet the master behind the music in this edition of WMNF's Programmer Spotlight featuring Cheryl Mogul.

How long have you been with WMNF?

The WHOLE time, 34 + years helping out, volunteering - I was canvassed in the beginning and donated and told the canvassers I'd give more once WMNF got started and I certainly have!

What does your show represent to you and what do you hope people get out of it?

Heavy dose of NOLA music for sure - blues and some jazzy and swing numbers too - just an upbeat and fun program full of HOT surprises each and every single week! One really never knows what to expect and what tangent we will go off on for the evening.

I hope people get a feeling of release from the workweek and are dancing and just HAPPY and up from the upbeat mix we present! I want people to have a funky good time ALL night long. I want to dance and be happy too and I am with the music and what it represents. Music is my favorite medicine for contending with life.

What's your favorite show on WMNF (aside from your own)?

WOW! There have been SO, SO many over the 34 years I can't really say - this is SO very hard, but I MUST say consistently Soul Party has made me blissfully happy for the duration - that is REALLY what I grew up on - a steady diet of great soul blasting out of Philly airwaves and my real first love of music then followed.

What's your funniest memory at WMNF?

Hmm well, I recall one time in New Orleans with a couple of other MNF'ers-staff for a Gavin conference and everyone had badges and I had a lanyard hanging around my neck with no badge - well needless to say I saw and heard Flaco Jimenez - love that music of Flaco. You had to be there to witness the entire shebang--it was very funny!

Favorite music band/group?

NOW this one I REALLY can't answer! Can I give you the let's say TOP TEN male vocalists? TOP TEN female vocalists, the TOP TEN reggae singers and then trios etc. then the TOP TEN Blues bands?? My TOP TEN favorite Jazz artists? World music?

I am not good at ONE favorite color or song or just about anything - maybe because I have Gemini rising?? Blame it on the sun. Bossa Nova?

What's your idea of the perfect dinner?

Probably a brown rice pasta dish with one of my favorite spinach or dandelion greens, heavily laden with garlic, olive oil and herbs and spices for a topping sauce - that would have to be it! Pretty much a staple and craving of mine often.

What is something you want to share about yourself with WMNF listeners that they would be surprised to learn?

Some might not be too surprised, but I would like to be submerged in clean oceans or Gulf seas more than being on land.

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Love to hear Cheryl play Johnny Adams.

I love Cheryl! I LOVE Wmnf! Peace Bobby Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

She be solid, nevuh mis'd a sho.