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Radio Makes You Happier!!

Jim Bennett about almost 4 years ago

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radio happier

Absolutely, listening to the radio makes you happier! When you're listening to music you like, what can be better? But WMNF-FM also makes you smarter! Thank you for providing what we can't get anywhere else in Tampa.

doesn't make me happier

it doesn't make me happier. in fact, listening to wmnf makes me steam! i listened to a show a few night ago with really good music, old stuff from the 60s and 70s. but it was ruined by the snooty wimmen who mc'd the show. between every song was a sarcastic comment on how bad Rick Scott was or how ignorant some other conservative thinking was. i have had it with the endless editorializing and the elitest attitude at wmnf. please cancel my subscription at your earliest convenience. i will listen for free until this station pulls its head out of its butt. if this shows up on my next credit card bill, I will cancel my credit card! i have had it!



Don't look down…

Yo… AJ!!! How did Simonetta come across as a “religious fundamentalist” from her comment??? What… did you and Ed Schultz graduate from the same MSNBC Urinalism workshop??? DUDE!!! Throw away yer tinfoil hat and use a plastic bag instead. Be sure to pull it down over the “Adam’s Apple”… cinch it tight and count to "666" backwards!!! Now... walk towards the light. OOPS!!! I'll bet you're not seeing one...

come on yo

u know only those ignorant right wing bible thumpin tea bagging crackers complain about the programming here

I'm confused...

Soooo Neil.... What yer sayin is… when WMNF changes programming every 2 or 3 years or when the Board decides to lay-off 2 or 3 folks… the only people to complain about it will be the religious white conservatives??? WOW… and I thought AJ was the only one workin out of the Ed Schultz “Big Black Cloud” Handbook!!!