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Raffle at Skipper's on 7/19/13 ~ 6 Volt Rodeo, Jason D. Williams & Professor Pennygoode Show

missjulie about almost 2 years ago


There were a few prizes left on the Raffle table Friday night at the 6 Volt Rodeo, Jason D. Williams & Professor Pennygoode's Mighty Flea Circus concert.... Let us know ASAP to arrange pick-up, if you are a winner:

Mick Jagger Tribute at the State Theater on Friday, July 26th - 686519

Melitta Coffee 6-pack, with scooper ~ 686549

Please contact Miss Julie at 813-238-8001, ext 100, to claim. All prizes must be exchanged for winning tickets and picked up at WMNF, in person or suitable arrangements must be made in advance.

Thanks for supporting 88.5FM!

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