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RIP Jim Beeler

missjulie about almost 3 years ago


Longtime WMNF programmer Jim Beeler passed away Monday night, 8/27/12, in Tampa. He was with WMNF in the 80s until the late 90s. We thought some of you who have been around for awhile would want to know.

Here are some memories from Mike Bagley:
"I remember formally meeting Jim Beeler around 1987 when he was doing the Saturday new wave show “Culture Shock” although I think Jim used to sub for Vinnie Blessi on his Sunday underground show and that’s where I first saw him at the old station on Nebraska. He was a huge fan of the B52s, Devo and The Dead Kennedys (although Jim and lead singer Jello Biafra’s politics were miles apart..). Like a lot of us here in the bay area in 1986, he grabbed hold of this newer form of underground music called “Industrial” (now EMB) that was introduced to us by Mike World and he never looked back. We had our differences, socially and politically, but Jim always knew how to break up even the most tense situations with humor… It was always interesting around marathon time to see who could “out-shout” the other for pledges…Jim or George Marco (haaa!!!)"

WMNF sends our deepest condolences to Jim's family and friends.

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I remember...

When I got back from the Marines, I tuned in to WMNF and heard Culture Shock. Bands I loved, bands I came to love, and community radio! Ironically, Jim led me to WMNF's activist side. He and I were polar opposites on the political spectrum, but had so much in common with regard to music, art, design and responsibility to the community. The outpouring of love for Jim Friday night was incredible. He will be missed by too many to count.

News and Public Affairs Director

Jim was part of a wonderful group of young people who pioneered our youth programming on WMNF in the late 1970's and early 1980's. Our then-development director Janine Farver (later the station manager) had the idea to encourage high school students to get involved in WMNF. Janine reached out and developed a core group that included Jim, EJ and Chris Ford, Beckie Busansky and several others. Pam and John were already pioneering new wave music on Saturdays. The first weeknight music show on WMNF featuring new wave came out of Janine's work in developing these talented high school students. The show started off on Wednesday nights and was called "What's Up Next" (named after a phrase that constantly came up when the DJ's asked each other what music was coming up.) Jim loved the music and also had a strong world view- even at a young age. He challenged WMNF to include conservative voices on the air- making sure that the young Republicans were given invitations to appear on our talk shows in the 1980's. I saw Jim a few months ago at a Chinese restaurant on North Dale Mabry. He looked good, was in good spirits and was as challenging (politically) as ever. His passing seems so sudden and I'll miss his spirited energy.

Thank you

Thank you from Jim's family. We appreciate the wonderful support!