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RIP Norma Bostock

missjulie about over 3 years ago


WMNF lost longtime member-supporter and community activist, Norma Bostock who (pictured here with her husband, Rick Bostock) passed on at 11:05 AM on Saturday, 11/5/11.

Norma was an advocate of WMNF for a very long time. She really cared so much for the station and was a true advocate for Human rights and justice! Norma had been sick for quite some time, battling cancer for months and put up a fierce and positive fight.

She is survived by her loving husband, Rick Bostock & son, Bret Bostock, daughter-in-law, Virginia & 2 grandsons.

Rick has informed the station that her wish was for all of her CDs & albums to be donated to WMNF.

A celebration of Norma's life is tentatively planned for December 10th, at Sweetwater Organic Farm, between 3pm - 5pm. More details will be added as soon as possible.

We send our deepest sympathy to friends and family of Norma. RIP

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What a wonderful person! I have so many happy memories and feel bad that the Howard-Franklin bridge came between us. I loved all the parties we used to have at the beach and Renaisannce Festivals and concerts and will treasure those memories. Rick, you and your family are in our hearts and prayers. Love, Ann & Mark

Norma had a heart of gold

and she was so committed to the cause of peace and social justice. She loved people and she loved WMNF. thank you for being you, Norma. I was lucky to have known her.

Norma Norma

The first thing that comes to mind when i think of Norma is how quiet she was.But she wasn't really quiet if you knew her.When she talked she talked sensible,intellectual things,but you had to listen close as her voice was as calm as her demeanor was.She was very dedicated to Wmnf and i remember clearly her stepping out of a taxi on many occasions at the old building if it wasn't her husband dropping her off. She had worldy views and was a caring,compassionate woman who was always on the positive side of things.She was a spiritual person.She was kind,courteous and most of all she was an individual.May her soul rest in peace.


one of the many wonderful things i remember about Norma was her ability to see the good in people and to make everyone feel good about themselves, which is a rare talent. i feel a deep void and miss her terribly.