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'Robert Childs' Guitar' videos, from 9bullets Radio host, Bryan Childs (a must see)

JoEllen Schilke about about 3 years ago


9 Bullets Radio Bryan Childs, host of Thursday evening's 9 Bullets Radio show on WMNF, seems pretty devil-may-care, tough guyish. And then he goes and does something wonderful like this...

*Robert Childs’ Guitar is a running series here on ninebullets that has a special place in my heart. In the past few years my father had picked back up playing the guitar and sometime in early 2011 he decided that he was gonna build one. Now, my father had built plenty of things in his life; churches, shopping centers, the house he and my mother live in but a guitar is a completely different beast. While some folks get an idea, buy a kit and glue it together he went and bought a set of plans and some boards. For the better part of the year he and a friend cut, re-cut, sanded and glued pieces of wood together until sometime in September 2011 all that was left was some tuning pegs a bridge and a pickguard from an honest to god, hand built guitar. In late October of 2011 my father was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer and in November had a tumor the size of a grapefruit removed from his head. Neither me nor my brother have any true musical talents so either of us keeping the guitar seemed (to me) to be a disservice to both the instrument and my father’s spirit since it would just find itself collecting dust in a corner until we died too. So I cooked up this silly scheme… Ninebullets allows me access to lots of musicians so why not take them my dad’s guitar. Record them playing some songs on it and post it all on the internet. The guitar gets used for it’s intended purpose and through that, in some small way, maybe my father will live on. I discussed it with my brother and father who thought it was a great idea and in May of 2012 I brought the guitar home and began the process of making these videos. So. That’s the backstory for “Robert Chids’ Guitar”….please enjoy the songs…*

So far he has Matt Wood and Ben Nichols from Lucero playing his Dad's guitar. You can jump over to the videos using the link at the beginning of this post.

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