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Save the Date - WMNF Golf Fundraiser

Matt Cowley about over 3 years ago

Save the date!

February 16th 2011 will be the First Annual WMNF Golf Fundraiser to be held at Belleair Country Club.

Stay tuned for more details.

Contact Development Director Laura Taylor at 813-865-8260 or e-mail for more information.

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please correct date 2/16/11.

No Riff Raff or Hawaiians Please

The First Annual WMNF Golf Fundraiser at the Belleair Country Club will be 2/16/11. Thanks for the correction Kathy.


I assume a Tardis will be required to play on 2-16-11. Also… as Riff Raff will not be allowed to play… will Magenta or Dr. Frank-N-Furter??? By-the-way… thanks for banning Tadd Fujikawa and Michelle Wie from playing. We do want to keep this an amateur event…