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Share Your Stories Open Mic

cowley about over 6 years ago


This Wednesday, January 7 at 7 p.m. Tre Amici Coffee, the Ybor City Museum, the Artists & Writers Group and WMNF are hosting a free open mic for people to share stories.

If StoryCorps got you all worked up about telling real stories, this is a chance to step up and share your experience with interested listeners. So many people want to tell stories - many more than will fit in the StoryCorps van during their visit. So this is a way for more people to share, and tell stories you know get better in front of a crowd.

Like an open mic, participants sign up for a slot and take turns. Stories can be up to 10 minutes long. WMNF will be recording the evening for possible broadcast, but you can decide if you want your story recorded or not. The evening will be informal and friendly, interspersed with live music breaks.

Story Night is set to happen the first Wednesday of every month, with a different theme each time. This time can be about resolutions - failed or not - or free-form stories about anything you like. Future months may look at love, Ybor City history, or your most surprising job. The evening is hosted by T. Hampton Dohrman.

And if you're shy, no pressure - you're welcome to come and enjoy listening.

Hope you can join us.

Wednesday, January 7. . . 7 p.m. . . Tre Amici Coffee at The Bunker. . . 19th St. and E. 9th Ave., Ybor City

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my dream

That lots of listeners will also donate whatever they can as this is one great station and I hope it can stay the way it is! (I am a circle of friends member and wish I could afford to give more!!) The dreamer bumper sticker sounds cool!