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Support for Public Broadcasting video

cowley about over 4 years ago


WMNF volunteer Mark Hafen shared this video his sister helped produce at WITF in Harrisburg PA. . . Go Public!.

You can find out more about supporting public broadcasting at

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I liked it...

That was great... run it as a fund raising commercial on all Public Broadcast media… just cut out the last 15 seconds!!! The first 3 minutes were all about the Public… Go Public… Go Public… Go Public!!! But the last 15 seconds turned to Govment… Go Guvment… Go Guvment… Go Guvment!!! By the way… was any of our tax dollars used to produce that slick piece of 3 minute marketing that will only be seen online or in the chambers of some guvment official??? Because... I'm pretty sure that the $1.48 from each tax payer in Hassisburg, PA that listened to WITF wouldn't be enough to pay for it.

Going public

For the record, my sister didn't exactly help produce that video. She works in Human Resources for WITF. The creativity that went into producing that video is tremendous, and it definitely gets the message across.