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Tampa Fast Food Workers Protest Low Wages

Naveen Sultan about almost 2 years ago

Tampa Fast Food Workers Protests Low Wages

by Danielle Leppo

Workers across the nation, in cities such as New York, Detroit, and St. Louis, recently walked off their jobs to protest poverty wages, where they earn $8.50, $7.25, or in some cases as low as $5.00 an hour.

On Aug. 22, in a low-ceilinged back room in the Underground in Ybor, a grassroots-based group of workers, organizers, and community members planned for the next city to join the national movement: Tampa. Workers have called for a nationwide strike this Thurs. August 29 at 4:00 P.M. Employees from Wendy’s, McDonald’s, Taco Bell, and Checkers on Fowler Ave. will strike for one federally protected day along with thousands of other workers from fast food and delivery restaurants.

People are protesting not only low wages, and the right to form a union, but unsafe working conditions as well. In Brooklyn, workers walked off the job when forced to work in sweltering 100 degree kitchen. The New York Times talked to Simon, a mother of three who earns $8 an hour, who described terrible working conditions, stating “My hands were burned with 190-degree water and I was out of work for three weeks.” Others are forced to use payroll debit cards that are riddled with fees. A case study by WEX rapid! Paycard services reveals that 75-90% of “quick service restaurant industry” employees are “unbanked,” meaning they lack bank accounts. The cards save employers loads of money on payroll processing, but the employees’ paychecks suffer being nickel and dimed to naught. They charge you every time you make a purchase, they charge to get money off it, they charge you just to check your balance,” said a Wendy’s employee who preferred to remain unnamed. McDonald’s formerly required employees to use paycards until a former employee sued them for the practice.

The people will have their demands heard, and on the following day, walk backs will occur. Activists and community members will rejoin forces and accompany workers back onto the job for their next shifts on Friday.

Will you stand in solidarity with fast food workers as they stand up for their rights in the workplace today?

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