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The Garbage Men Band to Perform at WMNF Rolling Stones Tribute

Naveen Sultan about almost 2 years ago


We hope you'll be joining us July 26 and July 27 for WMNF's Tribute to The Rolling Stones! We've got some great bands coming out to cover Rolling Stones classics including Garbage Men band who will be performing on the 26th at the State Theatre. They are a band of five high schoolers from Sarasota who campaign for recycling by playing music on instruments that they make themselves from garbage and recycled materials! How cool is that?!

One of the band members built his first guitar from a recycled cereal box and an old yardstick. They have made more than fifteen instruments and perform across the country, on the streets, at local festivals and charity events. The band has played at CNN, NYC Hall of Science, Times Square, Atlanta's Fox Theater for America's Got Talent, Tampa's MOSI, and The Orlando Science Center. They've also been featured in The Blue Man Group Invent an Instrument, NPR's Science Friday, Time For Kids, and Wired.

Checkout one of their performances by forwarding to 1:10 in the video below

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