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The Man takes away public radio

Matt Cowley about over 4 years ago

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Don’t like government subsidized anything…

If tax dollars are being used to support public broadcast radio… then the news and information being broadcast should be totally unbiased… which it is not!!! Why would a conservative want his/her tax dollars to go to a liberal biased public broadcast station??? Until public radio can be unbiased… maybe the answer is to have a PBR tax donation line item on our tax forms.

Budget-deficit fearmongering

I think this is completely ridiculous. These cuts are simply using the smoke and mirrors of a budget deficit fear-mongering to enact a very thinly veiled and specific attack against programs the Republicans have long targeted. Budget cuts have so far focused on eliminating all funding for the public broadcasting corporation, planned parenthood, and implementation of net neutrality laws. If the House was serious about actually fixing the budget, they would be spending much more time looking at fixing the corporate tax structure, cutting unnecessary military spending, and focusing on the big ticket items that actually make up the outrageous majority of our federal budget. I also completely disgree with the "npr is biased so it shouldn't be government funded" redirect. Who cares if it has some bias... it is also the most well-regarded and some of the best journalism based in the United States. Furthermore- public funding supports many completely non-political, educational and cultural programs. From Sesame Street to Nova, to the local art exhibitions and concerts that receive major promotion from public based broadcasting. Imagine how much money public broadcasting indirectly puts back into our local communities. I would rather have public radio than a second jet engine that the Pentagon doesn't even want.

Glenn is right

Why should I and other tax payers fund subversive broadcasting? That's like being forced to pay for someone to assault me and my beliefs. And the claim that this is the only avenuse available for an alternative viewpoint is totally false. There's the internet and the newspapers and TV. What did Thomas Paine do without PBS? Somehow he was still able to get his message out! PBS is an unnecessary luxury and it needs to be axed.

Public radio funding

I enjoy most public radio. I am not a liberal. I donate when I can. I do not think every American taxpayer should pay for the ultra liberal voice of NPR. If that liberal slant is what NPR wants to expose....get liberals to donate.

John, Glenn and Derrick

All correct, Wow, reasonable ideas on the WMNF site !!!!!


i agree. DEFUND AMERICA!!!

Right on, Brothers

Right, on my brothers. Next: we take away wimmen's right to drive!

Take me drunk... I'm home!!!

I’m not giving up my designated driver…

Public Radio supporter

It seems the right leaning ideological thought processes confuse TRUE and FALSE with liberal and conservative. Public broadcasting sends out more TRUTH. That is what is causing fear on the right. TRUTH is the basis for freedom. FEAR is the weapon of the right against TRUTH. Protect PUblic Radio with the same energy you would protect your personal liberty, for it is your liberty that the right wishes to take away.


It's not about truth or lies or wrong or right. It's about the will of the people. PBS is a subtle mix of truth and propaganda and we don't need it. Paying for it, as we do now, is an example of taxation without representation. reclaim your liberty and ax PBS now!

Propaganda Me Elmo?

Is Sesame Street really "a subtle mix of truth and propaganda"? All this time I thought we were able to let our kids enjoy some educational programming that helps in those years before they go to school... I guess we should just defund public education as well - you never know what those liberal teachers might be telling your kids... This is really disappointing to see so many people attack a worthy institution like PBS especially considering what a miniscule amount of the budget it represents.


Yes, it is. Which makes it especially dangerous. Young minds can't understand that they're being fed a slanted, socialist agenda. However, PBS is much more than just Sesame Street. It's vitally important that America protect its identity and its children. Cut funding now!

Wasn't there a question about Bert & Ernie?

One thing I’ve learned from Sherlock Holmes is… to beware of Moriaty!!! As for everyone else… I thought this was about Public Broadcast RADIO… not TV. Dude… I’ve never heard “Tickle me Elmo” on the radio… I may have heard the “Tackle me Emo’s” at least once… but not the other fluffy!!! As for defunding public education… let’s wait and see what happens in Wisconsin. This is a perfect opportunity for the 19 Republicans still in the state to get lots of non-budget related stuff passed… including bills on collective bargaining!!! Let’s get back on track… shall we???

Purples under the bed

Darn you giant overstuffed dinosaur, black and white movies from the 1930s, Mystery Theatre and all night jazz. What about those subversive doo-wappers and old BBC sit-cons - yes I mean you Dame Judy. Thankfully my eyes have now been open to the damage being done to American society by the aforementioned and I just know each and every $1.57 per person saved will slash that deficit in no time.


why does rick scott hate florida so much?!? :'(


Yes, yes, there is some good, even entertaining, content broadcast --that's not what's objectionable. It's the interspersed liberal content that is objectionable. The same way that WMNF plays the best (much of the time) music in town, it is still a far left, anti-establishment station because of its theme.

Broken finger nail requires amputation at the elbo

I feel quite secure in the following statement. Any "interspersed liberal content" on WMNF mostly come from listeners not program presenters. I can name frequent callers who have obvious right-wing leanings who have their say. So is it free speech in the widest definition what you want to curb. There also seems to be a lack of understanding of how public broadcasting financing is set up. The Corporation of Public Broadcasting receives the government funding and is shared out by them. Much of the money funds outlets in rural areas where mainstream does not serve. Cutting off funding will target Native Americans to give one example. Call your Senator or Representative and they will probably write back explaining it all. I have received such a letter from Sen Bill Nelson in response to my call. Finally, every radio has an 'Off' switch and a tuning knob. If you don't want to hear it - use them, and those who do want to hear it - let them. Understand that the financial arguement is a crock.


Dude... I kinda like the “anti-establishment”… when it comes to governments, unions, religions or sports!!! You know… anytime there’s a bunch of sheeple getting in the way!!! As for the …interspersed liberal content on WMNF mostly come from listeners not program presenters… gimme a break. For instance… the Climatic Research Unit email controversy (dubbed "Climategate") began in November 2009 and WMNF News has said NOTHING about it… yet they have produced over 50 news stories on “climate change” in that same time period. Even if the “Real News” dept did feel that it was a non-story… why didn’t WMNF report on the illegal act of “hacking the system” of a major global entity??? As for targeting Native Americans… they are a sovereign people with sovereign nations and have the means to support an NPR (Native Public Radio) if they choose to… would you like to wager on that??? If I want to change the dial… that’s my choice!!! If I want to financially support Public Broadcast Radio… that to should be my choice!!!

Free Speech Should be Free!

No, I'm not against free speech. I'm just against paying for YOUR free speech.


Et tu, Bobus?

DJ politics

I listen to WMNF a lot and can honestly say that the DJ's DO bring their politics into the breaks and how about all the "world is over" music after the last election.

YOU "The Man"!!!

Hay YOU… “The Man”!!! I could come up with a whole “Grant Summary” about how I “The PBR Guy” (Public Broadcast Radio Guy) deserve your money!!! But, I… the "PBR” guy (Pabst Blue Ribbon) guy… don’t trust YOU, “The Man”!!! YOU want me to do and say things… or… not do and not say things that go against my basic instincts of survival. I can’t run “Corporate Commercials” for fear of becoming “Corporatized”… but that also excludes Mom & Pop Shops who could use our “reduced advertising rates”… especially as I… the "PBR” guy attract listeners who would love “Mom, Pop & Apple Pie” shops!!! So I’ll tell YOU what “The Man”… why don’t YOU just hold on to what YOU got for as long as YOU can… and let US figure out how to do the "PBR” people things… better!!!

Off topic but...

I agree with Phil. I often hear the DJs editorialize on issues and they are usually way left of the dial --just like WMNF. If people want to support leftist propaganda by giving to WMNF, that's their choice but the public shouldn't be forced to finance Public Broadcasting.


In a post above, someone referred to NPR as an "ultra liberal voice." Are you kidding me? NPR goes so out of its way to be "balanced" that it annoys progressives like myself with some of its reporting. I get the same chortle every time I see a letter to the editor in the St. Pete Times calling it "left wing" or accusing it of "liberal bias." PUH-lease. As for public funding of media...sigh. Again, shall we look at Canada, the UK, and many other countries which have strong publicly funded media (CBC, BBC, etc.). Oh but wait...they're all countries with government-run health care. So they must all be awful too. Sheesh.

If Canada Jumps Off a Cliff...

Just because some other country does it does not mean we should. I have heard of MANY Australians, Candians, Brits, etc praising America and warning us not to follow their example. And yes, NPR is notoriously liberal. It may not seem so to you because you yourself are biased.


CBC Radio 1, 2, and 3 are excellent examples of publicly funded media. Radio 1 is news and public affairs. Radio 2 is classical music. Radio 3 is music from independent Canadian artists. I've never heard a single Canadian bad-mouth them. Go on to Radio 3's blog and ask any of the Canadians there if they think publicly funding CBC is a bad idea. And if NPR is notoriously liberal, then what does that make FSRN? Grit Radio? The WMNF Evening News?


CEO Vivian Schiller was fired for exposing NPR's hidden agenda. He said that Americans are bible-toting, ignorant racists.