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The Video That Andrew Breitbart Hoped Would Damage President Obama's Reputation?

Rob Lorei about over 3 years ago

After weeks of speculation the edited video was released yesterday. Here, in unedited form, is the original news story on WGBH-TV and the video of then Harvard Law student Barack Obama addressing a rally for diversity. Obama's speech comes after the WGBH-TV story. Obama at Harvard diversity protest

What do you think?

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Breitbart's cause of death

Anyone who doesn't know hwo this professor is should look him up. He wasn't any kind of radical or anything. In the end all you saw was a video of the President announcing the professor and giving him an embrace. This was just fodder for Breitbart's form of yellow journalism. In the end we discovered what Breitbart died from; disapointment.

Don't worry Andrew

Obamas own actions/lack of actions, hurt him more than anything anyone could say