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Unarmed Iraq War Vet Confronts NY Police Officers ; Challenges Them To Defend Democracy

Rob Lorei about over 3 years ago!

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Unarmed??? Riiiiiight...

A Marine is NEVER "unarmed"... even when butt-naked and asleep!!!

THAT'S a marine?

What a loud mouthed buffoon. He was wearing ribbons on BDUs. That's not authorized --nobody does that. I suspect he's a liar about being a marine or else so stupid he was kicked out of the marines for incompetence and insubordination.

I can be your fearless leader!

did u see those protesters luvin on him?? are they so desperate for leadership that they cling to that clown? what a pathetic bunch -oh wait. this may be an opportunity. these people are obviously gullible and have demonstrated that by their actions... hmm... where is that occupy tampa group meeting?

Current postings

Perhaps these posters know something I don't, so I have to wonder about these attacks on a marine who appears to have been defending the protestors. I remember people like this during the Vietnam War. They defended the killing of Millions of people because it wasn't them or their families being slaughtered. After reading these I have to wonder if these posters are the same bunch who call in and argue about the more progressive voices, but then never even contribute to the station they LOVE to participate in. Shame on them!

Please Get to the Point

why do you have to wonder? do you disagree? if so, then say so. you didn't see a marine that looked like that imposter. then or now.

Support Our Troops

Yes, IAM, Sergeant Thomas should have worn his dress uniform to berate the police. You should go look him up and call him a buffoon to his face.

So much anger and hatred

E. Coli, I have to wonder because since I wasn't there I really don't know what happened anymore than you or anyone else here does. So no, I don't agree with this thinking. I thought my statements made that clear. As to calling the Marine buffoon face, as Richard notes. Why would I want to do that? Look, I wasn't there and I find it interesting that so many have jumped on the bandwagon about something they really don't know anything about. Perhaps some of you were the ones who booed the gay soldier and called for the death of a man on a gurney. It wouldn't surprise me.

I don't Get It

What amazes me is how people admire the apparently drunk, irate man. He exhibits the very worst kind of public behavior yet everyone here seems to think he's some kind of hero. Weird.

Marines Against Shamar Thomas

As marines, we do not support or endorse the actions of "Sergeant Thomas". We have formed a Facebook group dedicated to debunking his claims.

Semper Fi

Awesome Video!

That makes me proud! Those are real marines!