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Volunteers Make WMNF's Landscape Beautiful

cowley about over 1 year ago


We're so grateful to station volunteer Gail Carroll for all her work researching the best low-maintenance, drought-tolerant plants WMNF could grow in the narrow strip between the sidewalk and busy MLK Blvd. - perennial peanuts.

Thanks so much to Gail and the wonderful volunteers who worked so hard the last three weekends, to prepare the soil and plant more than 300 plants.

Chris Berg

David Bryant

Hwa Cho

Sylvester Coston

Bob Mannion

Joe Mossey

Cynthony Palmer

Margaret Peacock

Mercedes Skelton

Charlotte Stratton

Shawn Wilhite

And thanks to Paul Carroll who laid in the temporary drip irrigation we'll use until the plants get established and can fend for themselves.

If you want to find out more about Native Florida Gardening, you can email and find out when you can come get a tour of our landscape and talk to our gardening volunteers.

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