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Wackie Jackie Picks a NEW Co-Host for the Early Bird Wake Up Show

Jack Zolnierowski about over 2 years ago


Hi Everyone,

Spread the word and I invite each and everyone of you to tune us in on The Early Bird Wake Up Show, Tuesday the 21st of August, between 4-6am because Wackie Jackie has found a wonderful new co-host. After auditioning more then a dozen folks for the Early Bird Wake Up Co-Host spot, Wackie has finally selected a Fantastic Young Lady named: ... Jenny Mae

The energy that Jenny will bring to the show is the main reason she was selected as well here fantastic voice, sense of humor and professionalism for broad casting. (beside that she's as pretty as a peach and just as sweet.)

I am convinced the show will become even more popular with Jenny coming on board, probably doubling its current listener base due to talent Jenny Mae brings to WMNF and the show. She has some pretty big shoes to fill (Bobby Lee had the biggest but during the audition tape, I lost track of time we were having so much fun and so will you.

Wackie just turned up the volume on YOUR Community Radio Station, 88.5fm WMNF! Join US!

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Jenny Mae Bio up and running

Check out our web site for up to date info on the show. Welcome aboard Jenny.

Keep Bobby Lee!

Where is Bobby Lee? She was 1/2 of the show! I hope you're not replacing her with one of those hateful WMNF liberals.

Trust Wackie

Re: PNP - If it wasn't for these "Hateful liberals" ....there wouldn't be an MNF. I would like to say more- but I will be respectful.

Wacky Jacky is carrying WMNF

Wacky Jacky's show brought in more money during fund raising campaigns than any other show on WMNF. That's why other shows are (unsuccessfully) trying to copy his model. Wacky Jacky and his conservative show are carrying WMNF and keeping it alive financially. WMNF's liberal theme has lived out its usefulness and shown my its steady decline and adoption of advertising to keep it afloat.

Wrong, PNP!

Jackie's show most certainly does NOT raise more money than any other show on WMNF. It's hard to believe Jackie would make this claim.

Bring Back Bobby lee

and other shows are not copying his successful format? and WMNF hasn't had to resort to advertising because of its dwindling membership? right... btw, Jacky did not make this claim. I did.

Wrong, PNP!

Well, it's not true, and you shouldn't spread untruths. And Jackie should acknowledge this too. No one's copying him. There are other more successful shows on WMNF. Maybe he's copying them.

Everyone play nice

Hi Everyone, I appreciate all the comments on the blog. 1st....Bobby Lee secured a job a commercial radio station and due to her schedule can no longer be on the show. 2nd. While the Early Bird Show has raised a great deal of money for it's time slot, Marciw is by far the Number #1 money raiser on WMNF and we should all applaud her. 3rd. I don't bring any politics into my show or any controversy due to my style is that of pure entertainment. Good Music,and Good Fun. I will let other people address the issues. My goal is to bring everyone together for two hours of fun and good music no matter what your beliefs. It's just a place to relax and take a break from the world for a few hours. I am fortunate to so many listeners considering there are so many talented DJ's at WMNF.

continued THANKS! to you Jackie . . .

. . . and also to Bobby Lee, Jenny and Mrs. Wackie, too) You guys all help to make WMNF a great radio station. Please pay no attention to PNP's foolishness (his brains ain't right). I love the Early Bird Wake Up Show, but I REALLY miss the Sunday afternoon Polka Party !

Thanks Stanley

Stan, Thanks for your kind words and PNP has a right to express himself. Trust me, I have been entertaining people for 50 years and you have people who love what you do, Like what you do, and hate what you do. Hopefully more of of the first 2..............LOL