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Who are you voting for in St. Pete elections?

Sean Kinane about over 5 years ago


The St. Petersburg city elections are coming up November 3rd. Still not sure who to vote for?

The goal of the WMNF News is to provide some of the most in-depth coverage in the area on the Mayoral race and on all five City Council races. Tune in to 88.5 FM or from 6pm until 7pm every weekday.

You can find lots of coverage of the Mayoral race, including this report from WMNF volunteer reporter Caroline Cziesla on our WMNF News archive.

We are also running a series of interviews with all ten candidates for City Council in St. Petersburg. Every city resident can vote in all five races, so to help you get to know the candidates, we ran candidate interviews in these races, which you can listen to in our archives:

District 2 between incumbent Jim Kennedy and challenger Steve Corsetti

District 4 between incumbent Leslie Curran and challenger Pamella Settlegoode.

District 5, the only race without an incumbent, between Angela Rouson and Steve Kornell.

District 6 between incumbent Karl Nurse and challenger Vel Thompson

District 8 between incumbent Jeff Danner and challenger Leonard Schmiege

Post a comment and tell us who you're voting for and why!

Thanks for listening! Seán Kinane, WMNF News

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Bill Foster for mayor because he is a man of principle. His religious beliefs are not my own but he has demonstrated while on city council that he governs by the constitution and laws not faith. Ms. Ford on the other hand governs by temper fits, name calling and immature behavior that cannot be trusted in an elected official. I am also voting for Karl Nurse because he has worked very hard for environmental issues in St. Petersburg

The people's line up

Ford Corsetti Thompson Schmiege Kornell Settlegoode

Foster has already lied

To Ms above: Mr. Foster has already demostrated that he WILL bring his religious beliefs to the mayor's office. He did this on city council when he wrote a letter to the Pinellas County schoolboard that HE dated while still in office. It was recieved after he left office. The letter was to suggest teaching creationism in our public schools. He is not conservative. He voting for the last two budget increases, and was for selling our public sidewalk. He showed disrespect for separation of church and state. I want our constitution upheld, and every precious penney we give to be found and rightly appropriated. His proposed budgets are incorret according to the Times, and he states he's not good at math. What he is good at is renegotiating a NEW CONTRACT FOR THE RAYS FOR A NEW STADIUM!!! Not a good time for that, and I love the Trop!

Cut to the chase!!!

Sure, ol' Bill's a nice guy... a good ol' boy just like all the other good ol' boys who've been running St. Pete into the ground, kowtowing to big developers and the St. Pete Times. Ford means business and will cut through the fat and to the chase. The party's almost over for these fat cats. These good ol' boys are terrified she will take it, and rightly so. The polls show Kathleen winning and people leery of "say anything/do anything" Foster and his developer friends. Volunteer with the Ford office for the last few days of the campaign... there's still a lot you can do: call 727-768-7392.

MS/ARNP, MBA Health Systems Mgt.

The entire media operation is one with which I am acutely familiar. ANY challenger that is NOT a go along get along with the local yokel "powers that be" that have been running whatever district, county, city, state or country into the ground for the last half century... are to be immediately discredited with any manner of exaggeration, misrepresentation or out and out UNtruth that the "respected" media can come up with. HOW many "xerox" stories about the Bubba flap have been run in the past two weeks while ignoring the crucial issues at hand outright? Beyond the obvious overkill on that trash... Best of all I like the "set-up" with the new poll(s) that show a tie or close race when virtually ALL of the polls taken by respected organizations show this race NOT to be close with Ford solidly ON TOP. THIS is just "setting up" the storyline for the sqeaker win by Foster facilitated by some manner of "shenanigans" at the polls... Kathleen should by rights... (if the votes are counted as they are cast) win handily over Mr. William Foster Flintstone. However, I do have my concerns. Lastly WHY should Kathleen win? Well with as much as is being made of the African American vote in this race, what sense does it make for working class people of ANY race, creed, color or ethnic group to vote for a RIGHT wing member of the YES, Good Ole Boy Club led by outgoing "Schill" R. Baker? Just ask that question of yourself... answer honestly and you'll have the correct answer as to WHO is the BEST candidate for the people that populate this Great American city on the Gulf that could be so much better if we got rid of the ulterior motives in govt. by tossing all the Good Ole Boys out on their ear! John Russell!

concerned citizen

I am supporting Leonard Schmiege because he has already worked hard as an activist for years on the voting integrity issues. Lisa