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Wisconsin Legislator Roughed Up By Police As He Attempts To Eneter Capital Building

Rob Lorei about over 4 years ago

What do you think of this?

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State Rep. working attire... a t-shirt!!!

When a cop tells you to stop and show some ID... I suggest you do it!!! I mean... he did move his office outside of the Capital Building during the protests. And now he wants back in... after the trouble... after hours... while the building is in "lockdown"!!! No wonder he's the one saying " harm, no foul..." he knows he was lucky not to get his butt Tased!!!

What do YOU think of this ?

Never would this be reported on this propaganda station. Mr.Lorei would insist it not be reported , since violent rhetoric never comes from the left ............. On Monday, Milwaukee AM 620 WTMJ radio host Charlie Sykes detailed an encounter between Democratic State Rep. Gordon Hintz, who had previously been busted in a prostitution sting, and Republican State Rep. Michelle Litjens, in which the rules of civility were completely ignored after a vote to “engross” a state budget repair bill. “After the vote to engross, he turns to a female conservative Republican, who is also from the Oshkosh area, looks at her and says, ‘You are f—ing dead,’” Sykes said. “He didn’t say ‘f—ing,’ he said the whole thing. He says to a female colleague, ‘You are f—ing dead.’” ....................... Read more:


Sounds like a personal matter to me. Are domocrats not allowed to drop the "F" bomb like Dick Cheney?

OOPS... my f___in' bad!!!

Jeez Julie… you make it sound like the Vice President dropped the “F- bomb” after he shot somebody in the face or something!!! Oh, wait a minute…