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WMNF needs bodies!

JoEllen Schilke about over 3 years ago

Strong bodies, please, to carry boxes of donated books and records upstairs to storage. People are kindly donating things to the book and record sale, so this is both an immediate and ongoing need over the next 2 months. If you can help, please email me @ or call 813.238.8001 x134. Thanks so much! JoEllen

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Volunteering Schedule

JoEllen, I'll call in periodically to let you know my availability. You may also e-mail me and let me know your needs. Shari Nelson


Strong bodies please; no old people need apply. Flash- St Petersburg is officially America's most depressed city.


Ironic. :-|

How old is too old?

When you say old people need not apply. How old is too old? Is 50 and over too old? Please reply at the e-mail address. What is the weight of the boxes? Over 50 pounds or under 50 pounds. That's All Folks! From Kaptain Karl of Bell Buoy Disc Jockey's

if you have to ask...

you're too old!