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WMNF Out and About Reach!

JoEllen Schilke about over 2 years ago


12/1 (World AIDS Awareness Day) We are at Rock AIDS, a day of music and fun times at Lowry Park Zoo.

12/2 Sweetwater Organic Farm Sunday Market is a great place on Sundays, and WMNF is located right by the music stage (which is programmed by WMNF volunteer Bert Gunther), 12-4pm.

12/2 ~not exactly outreach, but fun!~ WMNF night at Wimauma restaurant in South Tampa, when they will give 25% (!!!!) of each bill to WMNF.

12/8 There will be WMNF volunteers at all five studios participating in this year's Tour de Clay, selling raffle tickets for some amazing ceramic pieces. The money from the tickets is being donated to WMNF. They have kiln openings at each site, and then a big party up at San Antonio Pottery.

Please come join us if you are out and about at any of these events, and if you are interested, come volunteer!

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