Revealing Conversations

After hearing just one song, Norman B was determined to find out more about the singer-songwriter, with a distinctive Irish brogue. “This beautiful song suggests she knows all about love and broken hearts.” He reasoned, after playing Petrol Station for the umpteenth time. Understanding the trials and tribulations of being in love, is one of the… Read more »

Rick Tschantz on Morris Bridge Sink

Permit to pump Morris Bridge Sink won’t be challenged

Hillsborough County will not file a legal challenge to a permit to pump water from a sinkhole in sensitive wetlands near the Hillsborough River. That’s after meetings by the region’s water management district produced a compromise with the county’s Environmental Protection Commission (EPC) and environmentalists. On Tuesday County Commissioners went along with EPC staff recommendations to… Read more »

September Penn, Director of Sounds of the Civil Rights: The Power of Song - Credit: Rob Lorei

Local choir production celebrates the Songs of the Civil Rights Movement

By Rob Lorei Today, Host Rob Lorei speaks with September Penn, director of Sounds of the Civil Rights Movement: The Power of Song, a musical production centered around the freedom songs of the Civil Rights Era. Many of these songs were adapted from religious spirituals and crafted to carry the message of equal rights for… Read more »

solar Duke

Floridians for Solar Choice aiming for 2018, not 2016

It’s been speculated for a while, but Monday for the first time the executive director of the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy said for certain the Floridians for Solar Choice question will not be on this year’s ballot, though 2018 is possible. Our guest by phone from Ft. Lauderdale was Alissa Schafer. She’s solar communications and policy… Read more »

Independent US senate candidate Steven Machat

An interview with music producer and US senate candidate Steven Machat

BY Rob Lorei Today (1/7/15) on Radioactivity, we had one of the first radio interviews with entertainment lawyer, music producer,and independent US Senate candidate Steven Machat. Machat was born in Manhattan and attended the University of Miami as an undergraduate and Vanderbilt University for Law School. He has worked in an music industry as a lawyer,… Read more »


MidPoint for Thursday, January 7 – David Dayen

David Dayen is a contributing writer to and The Intercept, and a weekly columnist at The Fiscal Times. On today’s show, he discussed his recent piece in the New Republic where he takes issue with Atlantic magazine contributor Peter Bienart’s recent article that states that the next president – Republican or Democratic – will be more… Read more »

Birthday Boys At Life Elsewhere

John Lennon famously said,  “Before Elvis there was nothing.” Lennon was correct, of course, which may have prompted David Bowie to remark, “Elvis was a major hero of mine. I was probably stupid enough to believe that having the same birthday as him actually meant something.” It is curious to remember that two of the most important and… Read more »

Les Miller

Hillsborough moves meeting about sinkhole: keeps option of legal challenge

The region’s water management district has rejected Hillsborough County’s request for more time to consider a plan to pump water from a sinkhole located in sensitive wetlands; and after several environmentalists spoke out against pumping water from Morris Bridge Sink during Wednesday’s county commission meeting, Commissioner Les Miller announced that the county would move the timing of… Read more »

guns gun

Tampa Democrat opposes three Florida gun bills

President Obama has unveiled plans to tighten enforcement of gun laws; meanwhile in Florida the gun lobby will be pushing at least three changes to gun laws during the upcoming Florida legislative session. Last month WMNF News asked Ed Narain, a Democratic State Representative from Tampa, about all three. We started by asking if gun owners with concealed carry… Read more »

mint CC ok

Herbalist & Herb Conference on the Sustainable Living Show

On today’s WMNF Sustainable Living program we spent the hour talking about herbs and the upcoming Florida Herbal Conference. Our guests were Michael Tiner, one of the conference organizers; Bob Linde, an acupuncture physician and registered herbalist; and Rose Kalajian, member of the American Herbalist Guild, the Florida Herb Society and a practicing herbalist. Bob… Read more »


EPA considering pesticide protections for farmworkers

A 23-year-old law, the Agriculture Worker Protection Standard (WPS), is being updated to enhance protections for people exposed to toxic agricultural pesticides; the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is also proposing a ban on the neurotoxic pesticide chlorpyrifos for use in agricultural fields. On MidPoint we talked about pesticides and these protections that could benefit farmworkers with guest Lisa Garcia. She’s Vice President… Read more »

Siv Jakobsen

Happy New Year from Life Elsewhere!

2015 was a busy and eventful year at Life Elsewhere. We covered a vast array of topics and interviewed a stellar line-up of guests. To begin 2016, we present a retrospective of favorite moments from the past year. Make sure you don’t miss the eclectic selection featuring Jon Macks, Brandon Wallace, Zuzu, Steve Brodner, Robert Priest, Wreckless Eric, Chris O’Leary, Zac Bissonnette, Erin Moore, Lynsey… Read more »

"Books HD" taken by Abhl Sharma. CC 2.0 license

Best Books from 2015 according to From a Woman’s POV

We had several authors chat with us on the show this year and Arlene has compiled a list of her favorites. They’re listed below in alphabetical order:     Cynthia Barnett, Rain: A Natural and Cultural History. Crown. Like the air we breathe and the earth we walk, rain is elemental. We accept it as… Read more »

Manatee Springs State Park. Photo by Ebyabe via Wikicommons

Florida’s most beautiful state parks, according to outdoors reporter Terry Tomalin

By Rob Lorei Wednesday (12/30/15)  on Radioactivity we talked with Tampa Bay Times outdoors reporter Terry Tomlin about his recently published list of the top 11 state parks he’s like to visit in 2016. From untouched pine flatwoods to pristine barrier island beaches, Tomlin’s lists touches on the best places to fish, camp, and enjoy the… Read more »