Mr. Greenthumb Garden Show on Sustainable Living

Our guest on Monday’s Homegrown Sustainable Living Gardening Program was Stan DeFreitas–Mr. Greenthumb himself. Mr. DeFreitas has spread gardening know-how on radio, TV and newspaper columns in both the Clearwater Sun and the Tampa Tribune. Also my partner Debbie Butts was in the studio. She has a life-time of experience in horticulture and has spent… Read more »

Women’s Show 10/19- #Metoo-“Expose the Pig!” & Health Care

PLEASE SHARE WITH FRIENDS! The wrecking ball continues.  Health care – whatever you have to do: sabotage, obfuscate, ridicule.  If Congress won’t repeal the ACA, then Trump is willing to pull out its moorings… Murray and Alexander to the rescue?  Don’t be too sure of that.  The White House says, “yes…no…maybe” – and who knows… Read more »

“Preparing For Opportunities” on Morning Energy

People prepare for opportunities in different ways. Some prepare for opportunities like former president Abraham Lincoln did  who said that he would spend more time “sharpening the ax” when preparing to cut down a tree. Although some people prepare physically for opportunities – others prepare through mental or emotional rituals. But unfortunately, their are  also some… Read more »

Surface Noise Scares Up Halloween

Surface Noise has produced a crazy, scary-greatpumpkin Halloween special for ten years now. Tune in Wednesday, October 25 from 6-8p. You’ll hear favorites like the Cramps, Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, Sonics and other aural treats. You might want to scan your candy bag afterward…see you on the radio!

Women’s Show-“Quiet before the Storm”-10/12

The chaos we live in…… The president winks at us and tells us “it is the calm before the storm.”  Hurricanes, floods, people dying in Puerto Rico… People dying in the west with the explosive fire storms…People dying in the massacre in Las Vegas.  Calm before the storm?  We’re in the vortex of a super… Read more »

“Playing Your Hand” on Morning Energy

It has also been said that “It’s Not the Hand Your Dealt, But How You Play Your Cards”. There is no such thing as a problem free life. Yes, it’s true that people are born into different economic levels which may make some things about ones life easier, however this does not mean that you… Read more »

It’s Never Just Another Fund Drive

We have been through a lot lately… and I’m just talking about the month of September! Even though we in the Tampa Bay area dodged a bullet when it came to Hurricane Irma, it sure didn’t feel like it for a lot of people. No power. Gas in short supply. Flooding in some areas. But… Read more »

WMNF Helps Puerto Rico & USVI

WMNF is collecting batteries, new first aid kits and nutrition bars to help our neighbors and family in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Dropoffs begin Wednesday, the first day of our Fall Drive. Here are more details: For USVI: St. Pete Air / VI Hurricane Relief For questions, please contact Development… Read more »

“When The Lights Go Out” on Morning Energy

Hurricane Maria’s Category 4 winds roared across Puerto Rico leaving the U.S. territory and its 3.4 million residents nearly entirely without power. A nighttime photo taken of Puerto Rico from outer space on September 25, 2017 showed most of the island in complete darkness, which I am sure left many of the island’s residents feeling fearful… Read more »