Environmental Attorney discusses Algae Bloom that is devastating Florida’s Treasure Coast

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By Rob Lorei

On Midpoint Wednesday, we discussed the massive algae bloom that is choking Florida’s east coast with thick, toxic green sludge. It is believed that the bloom is being caused by agricultural fertilizers and septic runoff from Lake Okeechobee. Gov. Rick Scott says that he will ask the legislature for millions of dollars to help the communities on the state’s treasure coast around Martin, St.Lucie, and Indian River counties. Our guest today to discuss the algae bloom was Bradley Marshall, attorney with environmental law firm Earthjustice, which in the past has worked to combat the pollution around and in Lake Okeechobee.

  • timbo72

    A 4 sure sign of over population, excessive fertilizers, pesticides and human waste! 52 year local here and have seen it all go slowly to hell over the past 15 years.. We never seen this back in the days… Sad!

    • timbo72

      When you shit in your nest you’ll have to live in it!