Environmentalists cite a new reason feds should reject road through Serenova: $150 million price tag

Serenova Pasco County

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Environmentalists are hoping to save a wilderness preserve in Pasco County from being bisected by a new road; and now that the county’s budget has come out, supporters of the Serenova preserve say they plan to ask the feds to deny permitting because the cost estimate for the Ridge Road Extension has nearly doubled.

WMNF interviewed Dan Rametta, with the Sierra Club’s Save Our Serenova coalition.




  • Tina Parker

    We don’t need more roads and the destruction of remaining beautiful land. We need the land and so does our wildlife. There is too much damage from roads as it is.

  • Timothy Martin

    Thank you Dan Rametta for bringing the fight for almost 20 years. His efforts have been heroic.
    Thanks WMNF for giving this story some air time.