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WMNF's 4th Annual AmericanaFest

Saturday Jul 11 7:00PM Add to Calendar
Skipper's Smokehouse [map]


The on-line & phone advanced sales are now over at WMNF ~ You may visit an outlet for a $12 ticket, or get them at the door, $15

Will-call & the door are to open at 2pm

Florida's music scene is hot in 2009. Here's your chance to see the best in Florida roots rock and alt-country and one of the pioneering bands of alt-country, Blue Mountain.

The Schedule:

Nine Volts (Cape Canaveral) 3:00-3:30

Matt Butcher (Orlando) 3:45-4:15

Roppongi's Ace (Tampa) 4:30-5:00

Mike Dunn & the Kings of New England (Winter Park) 5:15-5:45

Black Finger (Lake Worth) 6:00-6:30

Nervous Turkey (Tampa) 6:45-7:15

Thomas Wynn & the Believers (Orlando) 7:30-8:00

Have Gun Will Travel (Bradenton) 8:15-8:45

Will Quinlan & the Diviners (Tampa) 9:00-9:30

Ted Lukas & the Misled (Tampa) 9:45-10:15

Blue Mountain (Oxford, MS) 10:30-midnight

Tickets are $12 Adv/ $15 Door DOORS & WILL-CALL open at 2pm


Blue Mountain

Blue Mountain <p>Blue Mountain is an American alt-country band formed in 1991 in Oxford, Mississippi by husband and wife duo Cary Hudson (guitar and vocals) and Laurie Stirratt (bass and harmony vocals), who is notably the twin sister of John Stirratt, the bass player for the like-minded Americana band Wilco.</p> <p>Through the nineties up to 2002 the band released albums that garnered critical acclaim and commercial success in alt-country circles. Blue Mountain is widely revered for their high energy live shows, which showcase Hudson's considerable talents on his favorite instrument, a classic Gibson Les Paul. Stirrat's bass lines and harmony vocals and Croutch's intense drum work round out this very gifted band. Blue Mountain is rightly considered one of the pioneering groups of the alt-country movement which took hold in the mid-1990s and is still going strong today. Their songs "Blue Canoe", "Let's Go Running", "Big Black River", "Wink", and "Jimmy Carter" are bona fide classics of Americana music.</p> <p>Blue Mountain reunited in the summer of 2007, and is currently touring extensively. Notable recent performances include a critically acclaimed set at the South by Southwest Music Festival in March 2008, and we are very excited that they can headline WMNF's 4th Anuual American Fest.</p>

Roppongi's Ace

Roppongi's Ace <p>The youngest hotshots in Bay area’s burgeoning Americana scene grew their sound out of the cooped-up, slow-burning Tampa Bay music scene. They cut their teeth on the Ybor City bar circuit, opening for Dr. Dog, Voxtrot, the Black Diamond Heavies, Earl Greyhound, the Six Parts Seven, Will Quinlan, and Have Gun, Will Travel. Their many twang-heavy contemporaries in the scene weighed upon the Ace’s fuzzed out garage sound, and Alex’s stints playing fiddle and mandolin with the likes of Will Quinlan, Ronny Elliot, and Toby Bonar brought Roppongi’s Ace into the fold of Tampa’s burgeoning Americana scene. The band members now live in different parts of the country so local gigs are uncommon for this exceptional band. Their set at 2009 Heatwave showed them as one of the favorite bands in our post-Heatwave survey.</p>

Nervous Turkey

Nervous Turkey <p>"Raucous and Rowdy local 3 piece lays down some of the grittiest and dirty blues/funk around, an essential show for fans of Tom Waits, Black Keys and Mofro. Fronted by larger than life Mouth Harp Destroyer Ernie Locke, formerly of Tenderloin, Nervous Turkey brings copious amounts of intensity with every performance." - Matt E (Poetry N' Lotion)</p> <p>"Nervous Turkey perform unabashedly raucous barroom blues-rock marked by the guttural vocal growls and fierce harmonica playing of bandleader Ernie Locke." -Creative Loafing</p> <p>"Nervous isn’t a word you’d use to describe frontman Ernie Locke’s guttural, Tom Waitsy voice. With his harmonica, guitar, and raucous band mates Aaron Fowler and Mark Cunningham, Locke and Nervous Turkey kick out some of the nastiest blues tunes around Tampa Bay. T</p>

Will Quinlan and the Diviners

Will Quinlan and the Diviners <p>The contemporary Americana of Will Quinlan and the Diviners is a combination of folk, country and rock, overlayed with emotional poetry. With a sound described as "gritty, sorrowful, angry and ultimately triumphant," they were one of six finalists (from 400 entrants) for the Florida Grammy Showcase in May.</p> <p>" of the best alt-country bands I've seen in a very long while. WQ &amp; The Diviners' gallop is characterized by loving detail and elegant restraint...a well-bred affair that echoes almost every great artist that defined the genre." - ORLANDO CITY BEAT</p> <p>"Nobody around here infuses four chords with whiskey, hope and heartbreak like Quinlan and company, bringing to mind an enthralling amalgam of porch and gutter that speaks for generations of Americans." - CREATIVE LOAFING</p>

Ted Lukas and the Misled

Ted Lukas and the Misled <p>For fifteen years Ted Lukas has been in the center of Tampa Bay’s pop and roots music scene, from leading power- pop band Barely Pink in the mid-to-late 90's, and heading up roots rock band Hangtown since 1998, and recently playing guitar in Rebekah Pulley’s band. He also has organized WMNF's annual summer Americana festivals. In his solo career he plays his own brand of rootsy twang and power pop. Whether it's his own material or a tasty cover, Lukas always rocks it right. <br><br> "...(Lukas) is power pop/alt-country royalty...his second solo disc, Misled, bridges the gap between his two chosen genres with great skill." — <br><br></p> <p>"Lukas' vocals brandish the sweetness of (Gram) Parsons..." —Scott Holter, Seattle Weekly <br><br></p> <p>"...Ted Lukas has a classic rock voice...He sometimes recalls Bob Dylan, Keith Richards, Tom Petty, and Paul Westerberg, and his voice works for all the same reasons those guys' do." —John F. Butland, Toast Magazine</p> <p><br><br> "Lukas has a whiskey voice that translates the history of roots music very well into the present." —Bart Ebisch, Alt Country NL Today (Netherlands)</p>

Thomas Wynn and the Believers

Thomas Wynn and the Believers <p>Heady brew of rock, country, gospel and Southern soul, this is one of the most thoroughly indigenous sounds coming out of Florida. It's an EXPLOSIVE LIVE SHOW, by way of rugged, yet uplifting combo of soul and spirit, triple-threat harmonies and tight band that plays hard-charging blistering rock, WYNN, with magnetic stage presence, channels big guns Tom Petty, Waylon Jennings, Ronnie Van Zandt, yes, Otis Redding! <br><br> "... one of the most exciting new bands in Florida...I was astounded, as was nearly everyone...Folks stood with their jaws dropped. Several of my friends just shook their heads and said "damn". Their CD has strong tracks, but absolutely pales in comparison to their live sound. Thomas' voice is the key. I can't remember the last time I was this impressed by a band I knew nothing about ahead of time. But don't pigeon hole them as an alt-country band, there was as much soul &amp; blues in their sound as twang. Ultra professional, no stammering or lags between songs.'” - Bev Capshaw,WMNF 88.5, Tampa</p>

Matt Butcher

Matt Butcher <p>“...THE AREA'S PRINCE OF AMERICANA.” -Orlando Weekly</p> <p>“Matt Butcher has carved out his own immediately recognizable niche, a dewey-praire mix of wistfulness and confession executed with a deceptively light touch that only barely suggests the material’s substance... and it only gets better with repeated listens.” -4 ½ out of 5 Stars, REAX Magazine</p> <p>“The Orlando singer-songwriter and his band, the Revolvers, specialize in evocative alt-country. In that realm, songs such as the title track and ‘Giving My Sadness a Name’ are as good as it gets.” -Orlando Sentinel (voted one of the ten best albums of 2008)</p> <p>"A gorgeous collection of alternative country songs, Me and My Friends sneaks up on you in a way that seems innocuous at first but eventually reveals itself to be a remarkable composition." -Grooveshark</p> <p>"Butcher's cycle of songs chronicle heartbreak, loss, sadness, and emotional drift. Each one is a gem, expertly constructed by producer Justin Beckler to bring out the best in Butcher's songs."</p> <p>“From the first notes of the opening track, Butcher sets a somber and introspective mood. With atmospheric instrumentation as spacious as it is unobtrusive, the songs are propelled by Butcher’s lyrical delivery- which, though still possessed of a powerful melodic sense and a little bit of alt-country twang, is less concerned with getting you to sing along that it is getting you to pay attention.” -Orlando Weekly</p>

Mike Dunn and the Kings of New England

Mike Dunn and the Kings of New England <p>From the beginning 24 year old singer-songwriter Mike Dunn's intention was to make music that would make people want to step outside, get in their cars, and drive. Drawing on influences from Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, Paul Westerberg, and Bob Dylan, Mike eventually came out with a combination that is completely his own.</p> <p> Mike Dunn and the Kings of New England make music that is distinctly American and distinctly part of an emerging crew of honest rock n' roll bands from their area. Although this is just the beginning of the road for Mike Dunn and the Kings of New England they bring a confidence in their musicianship to the stage that is rarely seen by bands twice their age and energy to match.</p>

Black Finger

Black Finger <p>"Tom Petty hanging with The Replacements playing Waylon songs while on tour with the Velvet Underground, awaiting the day that Kris Kristofferson will be recognized as the true legend that he is. Or, two losers sitting in an apartment with no floor writing songs. Either way it is BLACK FINGER, an exciting rockin'Americana band based in Lake Worth.</p> <p>Combining a nomadic mixture of punk, bluegrass, and Southern rock, Black Finger's music has gypsy vein and wanderlust woven into the material. Andy McAusland demonstrates he can move you from the past paced rhythms of edginess to the languid sound of zero gravity with ease. As Greg Lovell offers mysterious images that toe the line of reality, his voice turns gritty, deliberate, and defiant." -Vanessa Hodgkinson, New Times</p>

Nine Volts

Nine Volts <p>Florida roots rockers the Nine Volts have tapped into their Appalachian and Southern backgrounds to craft raw and beautiful Americana that hearkens back to the purity of alt-country’s beginnings. Ranging from country- and bluegrass-inspired ballads to rousing, mountain music rockers, the songs bring to mind early Son Volt, the Drive-By Truckers, and the melodic, tender side of classic Allman Brothers. With lyrics that illuminate themes of Romantic reflection, regret and redemption, and the real-life mythology of the South, singer/songwriter Conrad Wilson at times evokes the matter-of-fact, mournful soul of Townes Van Zandt and the optimistic, wide-eyed wonder of Gram Parsons.</p> <p>Born in the South Carolina Upcountry in the foothills of the Appalachians, Conrad Wilson was exposed to country, bluegrass, and gospel music at an early age. He learned how to play guitar from the son of a bluegrass musician and later taught himself how to color his songs with mandolin, lap steel, and banjo.</p> <p>After moving to Florida, Wilson forged a vital musical partnership with James Mitchell, the Nine Volts’ other core member. The two of them soon became important figures in Central Florida’s burgeoning independent music scene and took significant roles in some of the area’s leading bands, such as Lopez Jar and Red Soda. From their common love of indie-rock grew a common appreciation for Americana and roots music.</p> <p>In addition to their inspired work in the studio, the Nine Volts have also honed their craft on stage in their successful live performances throughout Florida, garnering them glowing reviews from the local press:</p> <p>"The Nine Volts band charges its music with some real bootleg soul… [they are] a great roots rock group with an indie edge.” — Florida Today</p> <p>"Perfect slacker rock meets Americana…” — Bees Knees Magazine (Athens, GA)</p>

Have Gun, Will Travel

Have Gun, Will Travel <p>Have Gun, Will Travel's "Casting Shadows Tall As Giants" has been one of the most-played albums of the year on WMNF. HGWT's barroom stomp "Blessing and a Curse" was featured on National Public Radio's "Second Stage" program. "Their music has a great energy to it with some infectious, sing-along choruses and refrains," commented NPR host Robin Hilton.</p> <p>At Creative Loafing's 2008 Best of the Bay Awards show held in Tampa, HGWT took home the Readers' Poll Award for Best Americana Act and Staff pick for Local CD of the Year. The band toured extensively through the fall in support of "Casting Shadows...", playing showcases at some of the major festivals and music conferences including the 2008 Americana Music Festival in Nashville, the Atlantis Music Conference in Atlanta, Gainesville's "The FEST" and Orlando's Anti-Pop Music Festival among others.</p>


$12.00 advance $15.00 at the door

Get tickets:

Skipper's Smokehouse

910 Skipper Road
Tampa , FL 33613 [map]
Phone: (813) 971 - 0666

Directions from North - I-275 to Bearss exit, then left one block to Nebraska. Go right on Nebraska for 1/4 mile to Skipper Road. Turn left and then left into parking lot.

Directions from South or East - I-275 N to Fletcher exit, then right one block to Nebraska. Go left on Nebraska to Skipper Road. Turn right and then left into parking lot.


10 tips for heatwave

can you email the tips? this will be the first time I will attending heatwave or any WMNF event and I want to know. Thanks I am really digging the radio. peace

blu mtn

gettin this band to headline yer Americana Fest this year is HUGE. great get. thanks !

American Fest

I enjoyed American Fest very much, however, a 30 minute set is too short, 45 minutes would be better.

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