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The 7th Annual Rockabilly Ruckus

Saturday Feb 20 7:00PM Add to Calendar
Skipper's Smokehouse [map]


Advance on-line ticket sales have ended, as of 4:30pm, Friday ~ check our outlets!! They will be $25 at the door & we have plenty available...

The weather will finally get above 70 degrees on Saturday just in time for some HOT rockabilly at Skippers. Zero chance of rain, 100% chance of a great time. 11 fabulous bands.

Put on your dancing shoes and bring the family; kids under 12 are free.

Doors & Will-call open at 1:00 pm
Show Schedule:
2:00-2:30 Cadillac Bombers
2:45-3:15 Big Jef Special
3:30-4:00 Midnight Bowlers League
4:15-4:45 Sarge and the Aeromen
5:00-5:30 Slip and the Spinouts
5:45-6:15 Hodaddys
6:30-7:30 The Headers
7:45- 8:45 Kim Lenz and The Jaguars
9:00-10:00 The Blair Carman Band
10:15-10:45 Knock Down Drag Out
11:00- 12 Big Sandy and his Flyrite Boys.


$20.00 advance $25.00 at the door

Get tickets:

Skipper's Smokehouse

910 Skipper Road
Tampa , FL 33613 [map]
Phone: (813) 971 - 0666

Directions from North - I-275 to Bearss exit, then left one block to Nebraska. Go right on Nebraska for 1/4 mile to Skipper Road. Turn left and then left into parking lot.

Directions from South or East - I-275 N to Fletcher exit, then right one block to Nebraska. Go left on Nebraska to Skipper Road. Turn right and then left into parking lot.



Why is it that the ONLY true roots rockabilly band in the area performs at 3:30pm? The Bowlers have been the ONLY band to be scheduled for EVERY Ruckus. It took a band member being in the emergency room to make them miss performing last year. I and others take it as an insult that the "rockabilly" ruckus' only actual rockabilly band is scheduled third. Who makes the line-up? Are they bribed or just oblivious? Really...?

To person above, what are you talking about?

The 'only' rockabilly band? Please educate me, and tell me what genre each and every other band is in then. I looked up all of the bands and I would put 'most' of then in the rockabilly genre. I plan to be there from start to finish, so I don't care the order, I base my opinions on who is there. I'm guessing the lineup is either based on popularity, or if that's incorrect then they are trying to spread out the popularity to get more there earlier vs fairly empty until the last few shows.


I'm glad to see the Rockabilly Police are at it again!

can't wait

thanks again for putting the ruckus toghere. i thought the down shifters were in the lineup? also was hoping to see the devilles. atlanta is to far for that fix. speaking of psycho. how about adding a psycho billy band to the lineup . or wait even better, make the ruckus a two day/weekend event!awe never mind it is perfect the way it is. thanks again for the hard work putting it toghere.

Age Appropriate?

Is this show all ages? And is it appropriate to bring a 7yr old girl(my daughter) to introduce her to this mosic which i love?


Oh yes, I'm very excited! Andre-Skippers policy is 21 and up unless with parent. So in your case, since it's your daughter, you're good! See you there!

18 yr old

So, a 7 yr old w/ a parent can get in? What about a parentless 18 yr old?

rockabilly ruckus for everyone

Rockabilly ruckus is celebrating 7 years at Skippers. Bring your kids, -18 years old. The BEST LocalROCKABILLY Bands will be kicking off the show. We thank each Band for performing.if you got a hot rod car or cruisin machine-drive, park it in front of skippers.(first come, first park)-hope to see you there.... it will be so cool. Lindalu

True Rockabilly @ Skippers

Midnight Bowlers League is awesome without a doubt...however, if you haven't heard The Cadillac Bombers yet even the Bowlers would agree, we are true Rockabilly. I personally invite you to get to Skippers early and hear us - 2:00pm! But there is plenty of authentic Rockabilly this year besides that, I'm stoked! -Kalamity Kat

online tix

I bought my ticket online and never received an email or any confirmation. Is that going to be a problem?

Ruckus VII

Nafa from MIDNIGHT BOWLERS LEAGUE here--I just noticed this board and the discussion going on here and thought I would throw my two cents in. This is MBL's 7th year on the bill (yes, the first band to kick of Ruckus I and the ONLY band to appear on ALL SEVEN Ruckus line ups, though do to an emergency at 2:00p the day of we had to cancel last year) with our brand of traditional Rockabilly. I think I sort of get why WMNF spaced out the acts they way they did, altering more straight-up style RAB bands with RAB-influenced acts. All in all, it's gonna be a great day and hopefully a fun show for all because that's what is important here. I urge everyone to get there when the show starts at 2:00p because the Cadillac Bombers will knock your socks off--another local true Rockabilly band. And of course another personal favorite, the always brilliant SARGE & THE AEROMEN--don't forget to pick up their new CD! Plus, KIM LENZ and BIG SANDY are the last word RAB, period. Just get there early and stay late, make sure that EVERY act gets some love and respect, and have a blast. And to Rocket, thank you for your die-hard spirit. :) -N.

people ask what's drag music?... i hope this will explain why this is a perfect lineup of bands...if you like autos naturally.


the facts

if you dont know what rockabilly is, educate yourself

Re: Age Questions

Skipper's shows are always all ages, family-friendly. Good for the 7-yr old w/ parents and for the 18-yr old without. Fun for the whole family!

friday before ruckus

Just to keep everyone posted- I am so glad to hear some postive words here... Rockabilly is so popular in Europe and Spain. If you don't support it, you won't have it..encourage all cats and devil dolls to come out.. If you ordered online, it will be at will call...join us at 2pm-12 midnight, and you will know why rockabilly rules.(4-6 sonic detour will feature all the bands today) ..lindalu

Head Honcho

Hey Y'all! Got Your Hair Slicked Back into a DuckTail! Ya got your pegged pants on!! Ya got your danc'in shoes on!! You are ready to GO THEN! Lets DO it! Remember to have fun. Thats an Order!!


Loved the Headers!!! OMG THey rocked like nobody else.


Why aren't the Gladezmen playing?

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