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….Mike B is your conductor  as we climb aboard the heavy metal disco train on our three journey thru the sonic underworld of alternative music..stand clear of the closing doors..!!!…wednesday at midnite (till 3 a.m.) on wmnf 88.5fm…



“Bodyrock!!” with Mike B. on wmnf 88.5fm……top singles and lps for 2016




1-White Lung “Paradise”

2-Skating Polly “The Big Fit”

3-Violence Creeps “The Gift of Music”

4-Pill “Convenience”

5-Nots “Cosmetic”

6-Phantogram “3”

7-Sleigh Bells “Jessica Rabbit”

8-Husbandry “Fera”

9-Fea “Fea”

10-Gotobeds “Blood, Sugar, Sex , Magic”

11-Preoccupations “Preoccupations”

12-Summer Cannibals “Full of It”

13-Pale Dian “Narrow Birth”

14-Primal Scream “Chaosmosis”

15-Murean Humanos “Miseress”

16-Pack AD “Positive Thinking”

17-Deap Vally “Femejism”

18-Honeyblood “Babes never Die’

19-Nothing “Tired Of Tomorrow”

20-Kate tempest “Let them eat Chaos”

21-Coathangers “Nosebleed Weekend’

22-Kristin Control “X-Communicate”

23-Plague Vender “Blood Sweat’

24-Violent Human System (VHS) “Gift of Life”

25-Bestial Mouths “Heartless”

26-Crystal Castles “Amnesty”

27-Essaie Pass “Est Une autre Nuit”

28-Odonis Odonis “Post Plague”

29-Seafang “3 song ep)” (local)

30-Drinking Flowers “New Swirled Order’

31-Casket Girls “The Night Machines”

32-In Letter Form “Fracture, Repair, Repeat”

33-Tiga “No Fantasy Required”

34-Audacity “Hyper Vessels”

35-Bleached “Welcome to Worms”

36-Sneaks “Gymnastics”

37-Wumpscut “Wuterich”

38-Ritual Howls “Into the Water”

39-Tobacco “Sweatbox Dynasty”

40-Holy Fuck “Congrats”

41-The Shacks “EP”

42-Adrian Younge “The Electric Void”

43-Xeno and Oaklander “Topiary”

44-Betty Black “Valley Low’

45-The Kills “Ash and Ice’

46-Crocodiles “Dreamless”

47-Purling Hiss “High Bias’

48-Marching Church “Telling it like it is”

49-Nite Club “Requiem for Romance”

50-Fever High “EP”




1-Violence Creeps “Sex Dwarf”

2-White Lung “Below”

3-Skating Polly “Perfume for Now’

4-Pill “Fetish Queen”

5-Deftones “Prayers/ Triangles”

6-Honeyblood “Ready for the magic”

7-Phantogram “You don’t get me high”

8-Sleigh Bells “I can only stare”

9-Pack AD “So what’

9-Deap Vally “Smile More”

10-Pale Dian “In a Day”

11-Phantogram “Calling All”

12-The Soft Kill “Selfish Love’

13-Kim Gordon “Murdered Out’’

14-Fera “You can’t change M e”

15-Red Hot Chili Peppers “Dark Neccesities”

16-Bleached “Keep on Keepin’ On”

17-Crystal Castles “Concrete’

18-Kate Tempest “Europe is Lost’

19-The Shacks “Orchids”

20-Essaie Pas “Lights Out”

21-Tensnake “Desire’

22-The Coathangers “Nosebleed Weekend”

23-Die Antwoord “Banana Brain’

24-Maszer “Fata Mirage’

25-Bestial Mouths “Heartless”

26-Preoccupations “Anxiety’

27-Casket Girls “Tears of a clown’

28-Vision “You should Know”

28-Pity Sex “Bohomie’’

29-Diiv “Mire (Grant’s song)”

30-Wumpscut “Unser Kleiner..”

31-Gold Panda “In my car”

32-Iggy Azalea “Team”

33-Balance and Composure “Postcard”

34-Young Magic “Valhalla”

35-Betty Black “Am I not your girl (remix)”

36-Death Valley Girls “Disco”

37-Ash Code “Dry your eyes’’

38-Sextile “Visions of you’’

39-Mueran Humanos “Un Lugar Ideal”

40-Essential Tremors “Mta”

41-Creative Adult “I can Love’

42-Pins “Trouble’

43-Sneaks “Red”

43-Big Black Delta “RCVR”

44-Julia Why? “Turntable”

45-West Nile “Lucifer Baby”

46-Clairy Brown “Love song to the world”

48-Selah Sue “Alone’

49-Xeno/Oaklander “Virtues and Vice’

50-Bear Mountain “Badu’

51-Puro Instinct “Tell Me’

52-Banks and Steelz “Giant”

53-The Kills “Hard habit to break”

54-Black Marble “Iron Lung’

55-Grace “You don’t own me”

56-We are Parasols “Re:union’

57-Primal Scream “Where the light gets in’

58-Seafang “Be the one’

59-Rituals of Mine “Devoted’

60-Maxi Wild “Talking too Loud’

61-Daughter “No Care’’

62-Heliotropes “Wherever you live’

63-Brooke Candy “Paper or Plastic’

64-Reality Asylum “Sleezy”

65-Badbadbad not good “Speaking Gently”

66-Lotus “I’ve been a fool”

67-Tiga “having so much fun’

68-Feels “Slippin’”

69-Brooke Candy “Nasty”

70-Icarus “Home’

71-Cellars “Sir Crazy”

72-Head Wound City “Born to Burn’

73-Lady Gaga “Perfect Illusion’

74-Prayers “Black Leather”

75-Pollyn “Don’t you want my love’

76-Marks “Heartbeat’

77-Plague Vendor “Jezebel”

78-Tokimonsta Put it down (f/t Anderson Paak)

79-Elle Elle “Lately”

80-The Kills “Doing it to Death”

Hosted By...

Mike B.

Alternative Music Director at WMNF

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