Flashback Friday

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  • Friday

    10:00 pm - 12:00 am

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The best in Blues, Soul and R & B over the past 60 years…….Your host Chuck Core, Jr welcomes you to the juke joint. A hole in the wall feeling with a down home blues atmosphere. “If I can’t put it in you, I’m gonna put it on you”



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Guest Host for Flashback Friday $250
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Guest Host gets to choose the music while the DJ runs the board!!  Music must be within the Genre of the show. Special unique gift for that extra special someone! $250.00

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Hosted By...

Chuck Core Jr.   charlescore62@gmail.com

A Florida native Chuck Core Jr was born in Tampa. He is the prodigy son of the late Chuck Core a former radio personality. Chuck started to hangout at WMNF and applied and tested for his Federal Communications Commission license around September of 1983. Soon after receiving his license the following year Chuck enlisted in the US Navy and served his country for 26 years. Chuck rejoined team WMNF in October 2013 and became host of Flashback Friday in May of 2015.

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