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It’s pledge drive time on it’s the music Monday which means….FREE CD time. Yup, with any pledge of any amount, in addition to whatever else you’re getting–we’ll send you a FREE CD. This drive’s CD is the BEST original music of bands performing at the British Invasion 2 show Nov. 5th. And it’s free with ANY donation in addition to any other gift you are already getting.
Click on the gift below, if you want a thank you gift, or just please hit up the tip jar up in the right corner. Thanks


It’s the Music Monday has a ton of new releases and comedy with Flee.

Thank You Gifts available from It’s the Music! Monday
Led Zeppelin – Deluxe Edition 3CD set of The Complete BBC Sessions
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Monday It’s the Music Guest Host
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Come have the best 210 minutes of your life, picking music for Flea’s popular It’s the Music program. Flea will run the board but you choose the tunes. Music should be in the genre of the show, which is pretty wide ranging.

A Guest Host slot on WMNF makes a fantastic, unique gift for someone you love/want to impress/owe big time, or for yourself!

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It’s the Music T~Shirt
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We’ve got a good looking t-shirt for all of the ITM fans. Comes in all sizes! Thank you present for a $75 donation pre-drive, then $80 once the drive starts.

$80.00 Select options

BB King – Treasures (Rte. 66)
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This intimate portrait of living legend B.B. King celebrates the blues singer and guitarist with 75 color and black-and-white photos, facsimile reproductions of items from his personal archive, and–similar to the popular “The Sinatra Treasures”–an audio CD featuring unreleased music and interviews.

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WMNF Event Passport
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The WMNF Event Passport allows you access to 10 WMNF events (10 tickets). WMNF EVENTS ONLY.

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These are exclusive gifts of It’s the Music! Monday, more Thank You gifts available

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I am a D.J., I am what I play
Can't turn around no, can't turn around
I am a D.J., I am what I play
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