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It’s time for you to support the music and radio station that you love.  We are commercial free that means we must come to you a few times a year to keep this radio station on the air.  Whether you listen to this radio show on line or over the terrestrial frequency modulated airwaves it costs money, a lot of money.  Thus in order for me to bring you the wildly diverse show that I do each week I need to raise money to keep us operating.  Click on the Tip Jar and DONATE.  No amount is too large or too small just stand up and be counted!

Below are a few thank you gifts to get you motivated:

WMNF GUEST HOST – $200 for FULL SHOW.  This is a great way to get on the air and share the music you love with our community.  We’ll run the board and provide a copy of the show for you.  This could also be a great, unique gift for someone special to you!  Or you can split the contribution with one or two friends and DJ together.

WMNF GUEST HOST – $150 for HALF SHOW ( 2 Hours ).  Can’t stay up until 4 am, well you can be a DJ for two hours and have the same “live radio” experience!

Mystery 3 Pack of CDs – $50 Donation.  Six Sets Available

“The Event Horizon” is an eclectic free form radio show that strives to play 50% new and unheard of independent, alternative, underground music with the remaining music being old favorites and newly discovered gems from the past. Genre restrictions will be smashed – open up and relax at this very interesting time of the day.


Thank You Gifts available from The Event Horizon
CD – King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard, Flying Microtonal Banana
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$80.00 Add to bag

WMNF Alternative T-Shirt
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Are you Alternative?  If you are a regular listener to WMNF you probably are.  Pick up this statement shirt and support your “Alternative” community radio station WMNF 88.5 .

$88.50 Select options

WMNF Handpicked Homegrown Hoodie
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You may have seen our billboards this past May, well you can help us expand that message of Handpicked Homegrown Radio by picking up the new WMNF Hoodie.

$160.00 Select options

WMNF Ball Cap
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You want to represent and look FOINE? Ball cap!

$88.50 Add to bag

These are exclusive gifts of The Event Horizon, more Thank You gifts available

Hosted By...

Ira Hankin

I started in College Radio when I was 19 in 1981 in the Baltimore - Washington, DC. area. It was back in the 80s I developed my eclectic free form DJ style! By the 1990's I found myself in San Francisco and back on the radio again at the University of San Francisco's KUSF.

Whilst doing my eclectic music shows on KUSF I worked at various radio stations doing "behind the scenes" production work.

I discovered WMNF in June of 2000 and made long range plans to move to the Tampa Bay Area so I could get involved with this great community radio station. Finally in 2013 I made the move to Tampa and began my involvement with WMNF.

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