Bumpy Ride

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  • Friday

    5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

    A Drinking Show with a Music Problem

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Roots and Americana with The Rebel and The Commuter From Hell.

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The Detroit Cobras Tied & True
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Soul lives below the belt, and whether you’re looking to be grinding it slow or shaking it up good, the Cobras bring it tough and tender, savage and sweet. – See more at: https://www.bloodshotrecords.com/album/tied-and-true#sthash.M28rm4wd.dpuf

Track list: As Long As I Have You, Nothing But A Heartache, (If You Don’t Think) You Better Change, Leave My Kitten Alone, (I Wanna Know) What’s Going On, Try Love, You’ll Never Change, Puppet on a String, Only To Other People, The Hurt’s All Gone, It’s My Delight, On A Monday, Green Light


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The Rebel  

What a long, strange Bumpy Ride it’s been…started on a midnight to 3 am show on Friday night (AKA Sat morn) in 1979. Called the show “What’s Shakin”. Lots of strange call-ins on that one. That show started at the first “station” in an old house in Hyde Park, continued at the church until format changes took it off the air. What’s Shakin had a long, fun run.

Patience resulted in a Traffic Jam show on Friday evenings at the house on MLK (once next door to the spiffy new station). Began using “The Bumpy Ride Edition” of Traffic Jam as a call-out. Shift the format to Sonic Detour which “roughed up” the playlist a bit (Bumpy Ride on a Rocky Road Edition) and then a move to Saturday afternoons following the 60’s show, now known solely as the Bumpy Ride. Then, back to Friday afternoons as the Bumpy Ride you know today (still a pretty rocky road).

A Rebel Bio? If you have been listening to the show for the last 35 years there is little you don’t know. You’ve heard about my travels, cars, favorite artists (and not so favorite artists), experiences, you know, strikes and gutters, ups and downs, miles of smiles and even shared a hissy-fit or two along the way, always trying to keep it entertaining. It’s amazing I’ve had time to play any music.

Ah, the music. Rock & roll, rock & rhythm, occasional blues to confuse, and most definitely Rockabilly, as much music as can fit into 120 minutes. Each decade that passes adds another decade of musical selections. Did I say decade?! About 3 and ½ so far thanks to you. Some of you have been friends since ’79 and that’s a Radio Family. I’m still excited to be part of it.
Tune in on Friday’s at 5 pm.

The Commuter from Hell  commuterfromhell@gmail.com

One day, back in 1982, I was totally nauseated by the garbage on the radio, and tired of channel surfing to find good music. I decided I’d tune all the way to the left of the dial and work my way to the right, and settle on one station. The first one I hit on was screaming JESUS!!! at me, so I moved up a notch and Bob Dylan’s “Visions of Johanna” was playing on WMNF…I was hooked!

I moved to Gainesville in 1988, just out of signal range (Yuk) and from there went on a 13 year adventure that took me all over the US, Italy and China and eventually back to Louisville, Kentucky. In 2000 my child bride, “the Tulip of Tianjin” landed a job in the Tampa Bay area, so we moved to Brandon. While driving the U-Haul down to Florida, I was thinking “I sure hope those bastards have been paying their radio bill!” Somewhere around Wildwood, I picked up WMNF’s signal…Yahoo!

That’s when I started volunteering, mostly in the phone room during marathons, and that’s when I met Steve “the Left Hand Man” Williams, the Rebel’s sidekick. This, of course, led to doing some guest host gigs, and then on to some substitute programming. It also led to getting introduced to the Rebel, and we hit it off from day one. Due to health problems, Steve was unable to continue doing the show in 2008, and I came on the show full time.

The last 7+ years have truly been a “Bumpy Ride”, and working with a radio veteran like the Rebel every week has been a real musical education (and a ton of fun). Thanks to all of you for making the show a success, and make sure you keep your cruise control and your radio dial on 88.5.

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