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WMNF 40th Anniversary Tribute to George Harrison and "All Things Must Pass"

Sunday Nov 28 1:00AM Add to Calendar
The Largo Cultural Center [map]


Tickets purchased today (day of show) $23

Box Office (727)587-6793;

WMNF advanced sales are over & tix not available at other/regular outlets ~ DOOR: $23

Join us while several Bay Area bands perform George Harrison songs. The Ditchflowers and Friends perform 4 sides (from beginning to end) of All Things Must Pass to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of this classic double album.

7:30 doors/box office open

8:00-8:15 Richard Whiteley

8:38-8:53 Jillian Stein

9:01-9:16 Robert Wegmann

9:24-9:39 Geri X

9:55-11:25 Ditchflowers and Friends present All Things Must Pass

11:30-11:40 Encore – While My Guitar Gently Weeps, Taxman


$19.00 advance $23.00 at the door

Get tickets:

The Largo Cultural Center

105 Central Park Drive
Largo , FL 33779 [map]
Phone: 727-587-6793


My very first 33 1/3 in 1970

“My very first 33-1/3 vinyl album in 1970, “All Things Must Pass by George Harrison” as it's been put "The silent one" had so much heart gave so much more, catapulted me into a world I’m finally living out “The Connection, The Dream, The Desire, The heart, The Soul, Life for me” with you This path/road I’m on every day I feel renewed by your touch, Kiss, smile, laugh , pretty eyes and not the very least your arms wrap around in more than a loving embrace” “For Debbie who lives in my heart” I first heard that 88.5 WMNF was paying tribute to Forty years since “All Things Must Pass”. I wrote the above blurb to which I believe our lives have paralleled. Debbie my best friend, wife and so much more. Why we went to the same High School, Debbie was in my house three times. A long story short we met on online through a social network web site in 2007 Debbie lived in Alaska and I in New Jersey I took a vacation to Anchorage “I knew I was home”. Back to 1970 now, I was 14 years old when I first heard ”My Sweet Lord” from a load of tunes I would come to cherish and appreciate this album is timeless for me George Harrison’s talent as a songwriter, musician I’ll just say I wanted walk on his coat tails, play the guitar and sing with that peaceful voice. Also I came to terms at a very young age about the spiritual world it came through George sound it grab me and put on a roads journey I found myself over the next few years to take a different turn in that road ahead but this song I was chasing has come from a seed planted in my soul 1970. Running across the street from my dad’s hardware store to the little record shop in the ShopRite plaza, buying 4 albums in a box set, I was smiling as though I won a lottery. No, this was greater in meaning; I heard the term that someone came up with “The Silent One” as I said timeless along with life’s journey George has put greatness into a world that needs his solutions. I keep his song in my heart for that I ever grateful to his voice.

The Show Rocked!

The show was amazing. The whole place rocked! Great job WMNF and all the artists. thanks!

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