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Mary Glenney Dr Christine Horner Arlene EngelhardtAn eclectic feminist/womanist radio magazine hosted by Mary Glenney and Arlene Engelhardt. Music is mixed with arts and multicultural features including interviews, film and book reviews, announcements, news, speeches and documentaries by and about women.

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We’ve got a good looking t-shirt for all of the WMNFers. Comes in all sizes! Both men’s and women’s style.  Thank you present

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6-CD set from Alternative Radio featuring programs by David Daley “Gerrymandering: Tilting Elections”, Ari Rabin-Havt “Liars, Lying & Politics”, Ralph Nader “Progressive Matters (2 CDs), Thomas Frank “What’s the Matter with the Democratic Party?”, and Noam Chomsky “Elections & Voting”

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Tampa Museum of Art located at 120 W Gasparilla Plaza in Tampa.  This pass is good for up to five guests.

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The Brainwashing Of My Dad (DVD)
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Jen Senko, a documentary filmmaker, looks at the rise of right-wing media through the lens of her WWII vet father who changed from a life-long, nonpolitical Democrat to an angry, right-wing fanatic after his discovery of talk radio on a lengthened commute to work. In trying to understand how this happened, she not only finds this to be a phenomenon, but also uncovers some of the forces behind it: a plan by Roger Ailes under Nixon to create a media for the GOP; the Lewis Powell Memo, urging business leaders to influence institutions of public opinion – especially the universities – the media and the courts; and under Reagan, the dismantling of the Fairness Doctrine – all of which helped to change the entire country’s direction and culture, misinformed millions, divided families and even the country itself.

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Hosted By...

Mary Glenney

Mary Glenney, co-host and principle interviewer, “From a Woman’s Point of View.” She began doing a segment called “Life Choices” on the Women’s Show more than 20 years ago and within two years became the co-host. She spent much of her professional life doing research and writing about genetics. Mary has an M.D. degree from the University of Illinois. She has been an activist most of her life, focusing on the environment, politics, social justice and equality for women and minorities.

Arlene Engelhardt

Arlene Engelhardt, co-host, “From a Woman’s Point of View.” She was president of the Board of Directors at WMNF during the station’s capital campaign and construction of the current building. Arlene was the Executive Director of the Pacifica Radio network. She has a B.A. from the University of Illinois. She, too, has been an activist most of her life, focusing on the environment, politics, social justice and equality for women and minorities.

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