Florida bill would stop local governments from protecting trees

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A Sarasota-area state Senator has introduced a bill to the Florida Legislature that would forbid cities and counties from passing rules protecting trees; Republican Greg Steube’s bill would stop local governments from regulating “trimming, removal, or harvesting of tree and timber on private property.” But SB 574 is opposed by many environmentalists, including Jono Miller, who has worked on tree issues in Sarasota for several decades.



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    Hurricane Irma. Hurricane Harvey. Are not any of our *high-caliber, visionary* leaders paying attention to what rampant growth has done to the quality of life? The damage from these storms is so much worse because of unbridled development . And now, this proposal by GOP Senator Greg Steube would tie the hands of the locals so developers can raze and pave — another bone to greedy developers so they can massacre Florida. It’s also ironic that Republicans — typically pro-local rule — are now against letting such decisions be made at the grassroots level. Aren’t they the ones always crying BIG GOVERNMENT? Thanks Sean Kinane for bringing this to our attention.