Florida lobbyist: sexual harassment “rampant” in Legislature

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Clearwater state Senator Jack Latvala was removed Monday as chair of the Senate Appropriations Committee after reports that he may have groped or made demeaning comments toward women; a long-time lobbyist in Tallahassee tells WMNF News that sexual harassment “just runs rampant through the Capitol.” Barbara DeVane is a lobbyist for the Florida chapter of NOW, the National Organization for Women.


DeVane says the low wages of Florida’s state workers help to enable sexual predators.

The Tallahassee Democrat newspaper first reported on the link between low pay by Florida state workers and their vulnerability to sexual harassment.


  • SandyWT

    Jack Latvala needs to accept responsibility for his actions and apologize. I guess he’s going to be like Trump and attack his accusers. If he’s been videoed hanging young women and kissing them, then something needs to be done. I’m so glad that Weinstein was stopped. Now it’s time for all the sexual harassers to be put on notice. No More!
    It should be against the law for sex to be given for political favors. Groping and sexual inuendoes need to be stopped.

  • GMT

    Thanks for a thoughtful story everyone needs to know. The media need to stay on it, because it sure seems like these things vanish. That sexual harassment is rampant, the Legislative leadership needs to create/establish a forum in which all victims can come forward in a respectful, safe environment and bring into the open all issues. Otherwise, there will be no meaningful change.