HD Radio Gifts

To celebrate the grand opening of our HD2 channel, we're offering two HD radios as thank-you gifts for pledges during our Fall marathon.

Insignia Portable HD Radio

Insignia Portable Radio

When you're on the go, listen to your favorite HD and FM radio stations using this portable player that features an armband for easy portability.

What's Included

  • Insignia┬« HD Radio Portable Player
  • Headphones, USB cable
  • Arm band
  • Owner's manual

Product Features

  • HD radio with 10-station presets
    So you can find your favorite stations at the touch of a button. Also receives standard FM stations (HD radio delivers CD-quality sound from compatible stations in areas where HD radio is available).
  • 1.5" LCD color screen
    Displays radio station, artist name and song name.
  • Arm band
    For easy portability.
  • 3.5mm output
    Can be used with a car stereo (cable required, not included).
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery
    Provides up to 10 hours of playing time. USB cable included for charging.

Car Connect HD Tuner by Directed

Car Connect HD Tuner

The Car Connect HD Tuner allows you to turn your existing car stereo into an HD radio. You can connect the tuner to your stereo either through the RCA audio cables, or via an FM Modulator. You mount the tuner somewhere out of the way, and keep the control panel where it's easy to reach.

Package Details:

  • Stereo RCA Outputs
  • Universal Add-On HD Radio Tuner
  • Compact HD Tuner Box
  • Remote Control