Radioactivity Thursday: A Debate about US Policy Toward Israel and the Palestinians.

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On Radioactivity Thursday we hold a debate on one of then most contentious topics in US Policy: US relations with Israel and the Palestinians. Our guests today are Jonathan Ellis, a Tampa-based attorney and chair of the Jewish Community Relations Council of the Tampa JCC Federation, and Alison Weir, a freelance journalist who traveled independently through the West Bank and the Gaza Strip in 2001 and founded  a group called If Americans Knew based on her experience.




  • Simon

    Alison Weir is not pro-Palestinian, she is anti-Israel. For her not to know the history of Philip Hitti’s comments on Palestine, reinforces the view that she is not well reversed on the subject of Palestine. Her publisher of Createspace Independent Publishing Platform and her book ranked 17,830 on Amazon best seller rank merely attracts the fringe far left groups for support of the demonizing of the State of Israel.