Jill Stein says Edward Snowden would be in her cabinet if she becomes president

Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein

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Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein answered questions from voters Tuesday night during an hour-long live video on Facebook.

Stein was the Green nominee in 2012 and is expected to get the presidential nomination again at the Green Party convention early next month. She appealed to Bernie Sanders supporters after the Vermont Senator announced his endorsement of Hillary Clinton earlier in the day.

Jill Stein said NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden would be a member of her cabinet if she’s elected president.

“Yes. I have called for pardoning Snowden. Not only pardoning him, but, welcoming him home as a hero, because he has done an incredible service to our country at great cost to himself for having to live away from his family, his friends, his job, his network, to basically live as an expatriate.

“This is a very difficult thing for him to do, but, what he has done is revealed the violations, of our constitutional rights, that were taking place and that still are taking place. I would say not only bring Snowden back, but, bring him into my administration as a member of the Cabinet, because we need people who are part of our national security administration who are really very patriotic. Truly patriotic to national security and who understand that if we’re really going to protect American security, we also have to protect our Constitutional rights and that includes our right to privacy.

“So, I’d say let’s welcome home Edward Snowden as soon as we can and likewise, I would pardon Chelsea Manning, and some other whistleblowers out there, John Kiriakou and others who’ve really done a great service for us. And I also want to mention Aaron Swartz, who was a proponent of a free and liberated Internet and for sharing our resources on that internet, who was basically hounded into suicide by a very oppressive Department of Justice. So, he–in my mind–is another one of these heroes that we need to remember and be very thankful for. The people who’ve paid an incredible price for our rights of not only the freedom to communicate on the internet, but, also the freedom to guard our privacy.”

Stein was asked about Puerto Rico’s debt. She said it was time to stop colonizing and exploiting Puerto Rico. She said she would pay for a bailout of the island — and for many other social programs like college debt — by drastically reducing U.S. militarism and the cost of the Department of Defense.

“The question will come up ‘How do you pay for it?’. Well, how do you pay for it? We don’t need the friggin’ wars for oil. They are not making us more safe. They are making us less safe.

“And mind you, this is the majority of our discretionary budget. It’s 54% of our budget. It’s almost half of your income tax pays for these wars and this military that’s scattered all across the world, that does not make us safer, it actually makes us less safe and it inflames the local populations, who are invariably–whose toes get stepped on in a lot of big ways, by the occupying forces.

“So, we need to put an end to these wars for oil, an end to being, not only the policemen, but, the occupying force around the world. We are the only country in the world that has ever done this. We have over 1,000 bases around the world. If you add up all the other bases of all the other countries put together, it’s less than 30, ok? And we have 1,000. So, there’s something really wrong with this picture.

“By coming back to a truly Defense Department, rather than an ‘offense department,’ we can actually scale way back on our military expenditures and have hundreds of billions of dollars to put into true security, here at home and in the causes of peace and justice around the world.”

Here’s more WMNF News coverage of Jill Stein.

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  • Robert Skinner

    If everyone was running off a cliff would you? I won’t thats why i’m voting Jill Stein

    • MH

      No. But let’s give Bernie till the convention in Philly before we jump ship? There’s something happening within Bernie’s campaign that very few people have clarity on and it may be worth some patience.

      He endorsed Clinton, but hasn’t conceded the race. He’s asking all 1900 delegates to be present at the convention. I suspect he wants them there to support whatever message he’s going to share with the world that day.

      I suspect Bernie will share a message of hope for the movement. Bernie had to endorse Hillary to get that opportunity so he must see this as very important opportunity.

      I will say if it all comes down to a message that we can’t have a Trump presidency, that seals my choice instantly. I will go Green.

      I don’t think Bernie realizes that everytime he praises Clinton on the same things he critized her on the campaign trail, that he digs the knife deeper into his supporter’s hearts. An endorsement is one thing. Constant praise and rallying behind the person that stands for everything we depise is another.

      Many people feel let down by Bernie, whether that’s rational or not it’s the hard truth.

      • He said Hillary will be the nominee. Unless the super delegates change their mind because millions left the party when Bernie made the endorsement. This is the time to leave. Before the vote. Not after when it’s to late to send a statistical message. Be a statistic they understand. leave the corrupt Dem party and join the green party now to send a message to the super delegates. If Bernie wins, you can still vote for him, and you will be behind Jill if he doesn’t. Maybe he will leave after the nomination and join us. We can hope.

        • MH

          Sounds logical.

        • Joseph Shields

          You make a great point. I just read that in the last 24 hours Bernie supporters have donated 80k in 27 dollar donations to Jill Stein. Can you imagine we run that up to 2 -3 million by the convention. And they will know we are Bernie Bros by the amount: $27.

          • x4zta9q4AEsJ5gP

            Just donated $30!

          • Jackp

            and Jill Stein needs every penny YESTERDAY!! I gave to her campaign and I will continue to do so. She is under the gun to get on the ballot in every state and to get 15 percent polling to be in the debates. She’s a good debater. I am a Bernie supporter but it looks doubtful he’ll get the nomination and I would love to see the DNC implode with a mass exodus of progressives going over to Jill Stein. We are 43 percent of the entire vote in the US.. She has a great chance to get in.

      • Tim Flynn

        GEEZUS H CRIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        Are you a Hillary shill or just living in an alternate universe?
        If you are going to “go Green”, do it now. AND not just with your vote but with the kind of donations that propelled Sanders to the point of relative significance.

        • MH

          Calm down sport. Many believe Bernie’s endorsement was actually a clever setup knowing that his supporters would never back her.

          Also, Bernie met with Jill in Burlington VT this past weekend. I can’t speculate what their meeting was about, but the two did in fact meet.

          Besides, I’ve already donated twice to the Greens and am in the process of seeking a contract with their campaign. So breath, calm down, let’s do this right.

    • Tim Flynn

      If you were capable of actually giving an intelligent response, maybe, you would be regarded as someone who made a useful comment.

  • Concerned Floridian

    Thanks for covering Jill Stein and providing radio & digital airtime to her as a 3rd party candidate. What a community radio should be about, expanding our options – that’s great.

  • edgecase

    Hearing her say she would not only welcome Edward Snowden back but invite him to be in her cabinet is the most exciting thing I’ve heard since Bernie Sanders Joined the race.

    • MH

      I totally agree. I actually felt a sensation of weight being lifted off my shoulders. It’s very refreshing.

    • marysaunders

      Freeing Chelsea Manning and making Kiriakou whole are also badly needed.

  • Alex

    Jill Stein is annoying and she’s only in it for personal gain. If you vote for Jill Stein you might not want to vote that day because it will have the same exact impact.

    • Howard Markert

      What evidence do you have to back up this claim?

      • Ramona E. Lawson

        Thanks, Howard for the intellectual habit of mind: How do you know that? (question of evidence).

    • Ramona E. Lawson

      Your logic now applied to Hillary Clinton: She has made millions (literally) off of her “public service” and has demonstrably made every political move to gain herself the presidency (carpetbagging to NY, negotiating the Sec of State position from Obama, etc.). Clinton epitomizes personal gain with her self-aggrandizing positions that are big on rhetoric and short on activism.

      Has Jill Stein made millions in her bids for the presidency? Does she garner mass media coverage and bask in being touted as the first woman to run for presidency (after Victoria Woodhull, that is)?

      A vote for Jill Stein–or any other third-party candidate–is a vote in protest against the PRIVATE ENTITIES known as the Democratic and Republican parties having a stranglehold on free elections. Why do they get to run primaries with public funds? Why are they only allowed easy access to our ballots?

      To suppress our democracy and to keep the duopoly on our general elections, that’s why. Please see this cogent and intelligent explanation of electoral corruption by Larry Lessig.

      • someguy0349034

        Sounds nice in theory, except that in practice, no Republicans are crossing the aisle because they actually like their candidate, so you are really just handing Trump the election. You might as well vote for him, same effect. We all know Jill Stein isn’t going to be our next president. This is all just grandstanding. She won’t even win 1 state. You know this in your heart. So fine, if you want to Trump to be president, so be it, you and millions of others, but at least admit it to yourself.

        • edgecase

          Idiot, first if you believe she owns the votes of everyone, the effect is double if you vote for Trump vs simply not voting for him. And simply not voting for him has ZERO effect if you are not dumb enough to believe she owns our votes. She is campaigning, she has the chance to earn our votes. And she is blowing big time, she seems more lying and evil than Trump and that’s an impressive feat all on it’s own. If this were a contest for America’s Worst Person, we would have the right two candidates (perhaps with a 3rd party challenge by Martin Shkrelli).

          But this is a presidential election and anyone who refuses to vote one of the two unnacceptable force-fed options HAS THAT RIGHT and wouldn’t necessarily have thrown away any semblance of self respect (or national respect for that matter) by refusing to vote for one of two people who have no right to lead anything.

          Screw your fearmongering, the only way out of this nightmare is to PROVE to people like you that Jill or Gary will eventually have a chance as the two main parties see just how far they can push us all. For me at least, they have gone too far long ago, Bernie was the first major party candidate who earned the presidency since Kucinich, who was the first in my lifetime.

          • someguy0349034

            Why do you think Bernie Sanders has not endorsed Jill Stein? Because he knows that his best shot, and our best shot, at implementing a progressive agenda is to back the candidate most likely to win on the left side of the aisle. She doesn’t “own” your vote, but the Democratic party and the Green party both represent the “left” side of politics, and have a lot of overlap in their platform. So no, she doesn’t own your vote, but by having 2 candidates on the left, and only one on the right, I think you can see how the math works out and who wins in that case.

            Either way, I think you are missing the big picture, the big picture which Bernie is NOT missing. We’ve done all we can in this election cycle. Bernie knows that. And we’ve accomplished alot. Look at the Democratic platform before and after Bernie’s surge of popularity, and I think you’ll see what I mean. He knows this. He also knows that beating Trump is more important than proving a point. Bernie is a smart guy, and you believe in him, so keep believing in him. The man is clearly not a sellout, he’s been saying the same and doing the same things for 50 years, and never backed down even when challenged by the most powerful in our society. What on earth makes you think he’s starting now? Instead of saying “he’s a sellout”, why don’t you continue to back him, and assume he knows what he’s doing here? He may know something you don’t, those in power always do.

            Voting for Jill Stein isn’t continuing Bernie’s quest. Continuing Bernie’s quest is to follow him and vote for who he votes for.

          • anonymot

            The hallmark of independent voter is that they think for themselves. Try it.

          • someguy0349034

            I do think for myself. Here is my thought process: Bernie Sanders has put forth a progressive but possible agenda which I believe in and that I believe will help the American people. He tried to win the Democratic nomination because he knows the next president will be a Democrat or Republican because that’s a damn fact. He tried his best to win and lost. Now instead of moping around or telling us to back a candidate that has no chance of winning, he is trading his endorsement of a candidate who has a legit 50% chance of winning the presidency in exchange for a seat at the table. He has accomplished that. I’m going to continue to support him and vote for Hillary Clinton. That’s what Bernie knows is our best shot at accomplishing his agenda. If you don’t get that, then you need to get a clue.

          • MH

            I understand where you’re coming from. I really do.

            But there’s one thing Sanders always advocated and that was the revolution was about the American people, not him, or the Democratic party.

            Bernie, because he chose to run with the Democrats, is bound to them at the end of the day. That was always the risk of trying to start a revolution in an anti-revolutionary party. In some ways, I think even Bernie would come to realize just how powerful, dirty and corrupt the DNC is, going all the way up the chain to the highest office.

            We could celebrate the fact that Bernie pulled Hillary and the platform to the left. However, those same platform statements are not binding. Not to detract from Bernie’s hard and well intentioned efforts, but the progressive planks accepted on the platform are simply not enough because they’re not binding, and Hillary has a long political record of flip-flopping and lying when it’s expedient for her own gain. I don’t think Bernie is naive to this. I just think Bernie lost and he was trying to find any way to let his supporters down gradually and give them some form of hope that the movement continues. There wasn’t really much else he could do. Whether he lost through fraud or not, at it stands right now, he lost.

            A vote for Jill Stein, as improbable as it is that she’d actually become POTUS IS carrying the revolution forward. Because it’s not about Jill, the Green party, Bernie, the Democrats, it’s about you and me. This is OUR country. And we should fight and fight hard to take it back from the theives that stole it from us.

            It is time for a new party. A party for us, the people. A party that aligns it’s consciousness with our evolving populous and put’s people before profits.

            If we choose to continue the revolution within the Democratic party we will be met with feirce opposition and espionage. The establishment Democrats are too far gone and 55% of it’s base are honestly too politically ignorant to be of any help in pushing the party towards more progressive, Bernie-like, Jill-like, FDR-like policies.

            Sometimes, when you’ve worked your whole life trying to affect change and you make very little gains it’s time to reassess and take a different approach. Sometimes you start a new.

            I’m waiting until after the convention in to make my final decision. Bernie is up to something and I want to hear him out, as I still hold a lot of respect for him. But if I don’t agree with what I see I will support Jill Stein. This country belongs to you and me, not any one canidate or political party. Even if Jill doesn’t win one state.

            Obviously, the movement is going to be incremental this election in any way you slice it. So I’d rather do it with a clear conscious, regardless the outcome.

          • someguy0349034

            Agree with 99% of what you said. The biggest issue I have with what you said is that you ignoring the elephant in the room: that if Hillary loses, Trump is our president. I get it, you don’t like Clinton, she’s not the best person to ever live, I agree. But cmon. We cannot allow Trump to be our President. There’s a time and place to prove the points you’re trying to make. But to let Trump become president to prove that point will set the progressive agenda back 4 years, and it won’t just be a standstill, it will be steps backwards that we will need to fight even harder to recover. Think about THAT as you cast your vote.

          • edgecase

            I feel exactly the same way if you switch trump and hillary in your text. Seeing her win the supposedly Democratic Party nomination by crushing hope for real change is the biggest step backwards for progressives in my lifetime and if that doesn’t bite the party in the ass hard there will be no true progressives running for another lifetime. Trump, disaster waiting to happen as he is, would be less bad. And he is to the left of Hillary on some issues such as not starting wars all the damn time.

          • Trump can do nothing without the consent of congress. Look what they did to Obama. Green party members are free to vote for any progressive congressman they chose. It will be a high voter turn out, and the house and senate will be flipped. They will impeach Trump or make him a joke. Congress can block all of his supreme court nominees just as the right wing has done to Obama. It’s called checks and balances. Be brave. Stand with Jill.

          • MH

            Jimmy Dore made a really brilliant point on one of his recent segments. Even if Trump became the President and tried to appoint 3 SCOTUS seats, the Democrates could easily refuse to even bring up a vote, let alone block him, just as the Republicans have done with President Obama’s Merrick Garland for almost a year now. Then when the midterms happen in 2 years, the house flips from the R to D, Trump is absolutely done. Done.

            It’s time to stop buying into fear tatics. The DNC NEEDS us to be afraid of Trump, because Hillary is that terrible of a canidate. There’s no way the DNC was willingly going to put Bernie forward. That would have spelled the end to their rampant fun and games.

            Don’t fall for the monster in the closet scheme. We all know the Democrats and their political ego will block Trump at every turn just as the Republicans have blocked Obama.

            Hillary is the ACTUAL threat to us. She’s talking about a no-fly-zone over Syria which creates obvious conflict with Russia. NATO is already playing dangerous games with Putin by housing troops outside his borders. You want to see what a real monster will do? The last thing the USA needs to do is instigate a war with Putin (and his allies) and kick off WIII. You already know Hillary would get broad $support$ from the war loving right-wing.

            Bernie, through his outdated societal paranoia is wrong about buying into the “lessor of two evils” scheme and it’s going to cost him some mistrust at the end of the day. I can’t wait to read his postmortem in the book he’s reportedly going to release in November. I’m willing to bet there will be a few paragraphs regretting a few pivotal decisions his campaign made.

            Thankfully, because he has such a stellar record, and worked most of his life advocating for us, history should be kind to him. I will always respect him and fight alongside of him if and when he decides to fight for us again in much bolder ways.

          • edgecase

            Thank you and well said.

          • edgecase

            I get that, it’s his right. He can endorse whoever he wants. He had my endorsement and was going to be my write in vote until he indicated he didn’t want it. Now I am endorsing Jill Stein. If Bernie really wanted to do everything he could to defeat trump he would talk about Jill Stein and especially Gart Johnson a lot more. Because Hillary is not an option for many people who the democrats could have gotten the support of if they had chosen him. It’s all of our loss.

          • MH

            If you buy into the schemed paranoia of the lessor-of-two-evils, then it’s a game of numbers.

            Hillary has at least 55% of the base constituency nailed down. She will also get some independents and disenfranchised Republicans, as well as some Bernie supporters that fall for the bait.

            If we don’t spilt Hillary’s vote, she will most likely become POTUS.

            I will say one thing. The Babyboomers have really forked this country. Their generation is quite pampered. It’s time for GenX’ers (myself) and Millennials to redefine American politics and American society…Today!

            I would personally love nothing more than to fight alongside my children (GenY/GenZ) to ensure we all have a country that actually reflects the best qualities and aspirarions of it’s population. No more racism, no more greed, no more bigotry, no more xenophobia, no more poverty and under serviced illness, no more political, moral and spiritual corruption. We demand and deserve more. We were given the right to do so and we should exercise that right to the fullest.

            62 people own more wealth than the rest of the planet combined. Some people in other countries can’t do anything about it. What more evidence do we Americans need to get up off our duffs and effect meaningful change? This isn’t a romanticism, this is reality.

          • single payer

            Lie down with dogs, get up with fleas.

          • Cleogrrl

            Jill Stein, the peripatetic presidential candidate who does nothing in between national campaigns.

            Jill Stein, who thinks homeopathy is defensible. Who thinks that Hillary Clinton is a “bad mother” because she’s not “nurturing”. The last thing we need is someone else to tell us how to be mothers!

            Jill Stein – a nutcase.

          • MH

            I’m a product of an unnuturing and neglectful mother. I’ve suffer from severe depression and I find it very difficult to attune with those I love, even my own children sometimes. Do you have any idea how painful it is to feel like you live within a silent prison where you see life around you but you can’t participate? Touch seems soothing to others whereas it feels invasive and awkward to me. I feel damaged and rejected. My 3 other siblings feel the same way.

            The science is clear about this and Jill Stein is correct to point it out. Above all, nature dictates parental roles not society.

            Hillary’s well known and documented workaholic and Narrassitic nature surely would have dealt a bad hand to Chelsea. Luckily, Bubba is said to adore her, as a child and now, which most likely saved Chelsea from feeling totally abandoned. Only she knows.

            “This world would be gone without the love of a strong, strong woman”.

            Science agrees.

          • edgecase

            I agree homeopathy is ridiculous but it’s less ridiculous and harmful than supporting Wall Street and private health insurance.

          • MH

            Homeopathy as in the current hippie health trend is ridiculous, or I’d say more overblown.

            But conventional medicine stems from homoepathy so we shouldn’t denounce it with a broad brush.

            The pharmaceutical industry has a great incentive to supress homoeopathic medicine and discovery. They can’t regulate and control it.

            You always have to follow the money trail.

          • edgecase

            I never said he was a sellout. I understand his decision, he had promised to support the democratic nominee long ago and is a man of honor. I on the other hand have made no such promise
            And I believe that, given the lying, corrupt, corporate sell out that the democrats did nominate (see, she IS a sell out so I call her one) does not deserve to be called a democrat, nor does she deserve my vote. The best medicine for a Democratic Party that mocked and trivialized a man of Bernie Sanders’ character, unfortunately, is a loss. Next time they will hopefully see that nominating the best person running is the wiser choice. And hopefully many of her supporters will no longer be voting in the next primary.

          • Kathy Fiser

            I believe it is possible that Bernie wants us to support Jill…now actually. Several things point to that. Strengthen a third party option, allow him the coverage at the convention thus keeping the momentum going, getting the word out by his closest associates who have come out to endorse Jill. Meeting with Jill in VT., He started out using the DNC to his advantage and he is still doing so. How far do you think he would have gotten if he was not on the democratic radar? No debates, even less media coverage etc. He is taking advantage of the DNC convention. Trust his strategy. It has gotten him this far very well. We have nothing to lose by supporting JIll and a lot to gain. Send a clear message to DNC….we will not be coerced.

        • anonymot

          Classic Hillary troll comment. Knee jerk comments are common, but unfortunately they become obvious and unconvincing. Jill Stein is what’s left of honest, progressive candidates. True, she argues against war, Clintonian trade agreements, racism. True, she hasn’t the massive lobbyist donations that the 2 conventional candidates have nor the media in her pocket. There’s still time to hope that enough Americans hear her voice against financial inequality, racial inequality, and war to oust both of the egomaniacal, anti-American monsters in the traditional rat race.

          • someguy0349034

            I’m actually a Bernie supporter. I support him, and his decisions, and I know his #1 priority at all times is to accomplish his agenda and help the American people. His decision in this case is to vote for Hillary Clinton. I trust in Bernie Sanders that he knows the best shot he has at accomplishing his agenda is by backing her. I get it. He gets it. You obviously don’t.

    • MH

      Love the delcaritive statements as if you personally know her. Quite annoying.

    • BornVillain

      Right. Cause “annoying” is a valid reason to vote for or against somebody. This is real life, not a movie or a football match.

  • John Gabriel

    Stein it is. I was going to vote for Trump because I hate Clinton more than I hate Trump. Now my vote is for Stein. She is America’s last hope.

    • Joseph Shields

      Now that Lucretia Borja has been exonerated by the FBI, We should demand a pardon for Snowden.
      I myself was thinking of sending a donation to Stein, and now that I see other Bernie folks are doing it in protest, I will join in.

      • John Gabriel

        The youth are the future of this country. I see no sense in saddling them with a huge debt even before they begin their life’s journey. Who will pay for all the millionaires’ social security benefits once the “youth run dry”…

        I can’t imagine a more stupid society that instead of helping its youth, places almost insurmountable objects in their way. China which is communist does more for its youth than most Western countries combined. They realise that there is no future without a well-educated and prosperous young population.

        My time has passed (I am over 50 and childless), but I do care about the youth of this country. They have gotten a very bad deal the past few decades. Unless something is done soon, they will fall even further behind the rest of the world. I am not talking about the rich and useless brats, but those who were not as fortunate and were born into poverty.

        • Joseph Shields

          Well Said

    • Sagi

      Thanks John!

  • Buried by Vince

    Snowden is a total hypocrite. He ran to Russia for protection, a country where people who disagree with Putin are shot in the street and the people are ACTUALLY oppressed by government. Regardless of my low opinion of NSA, he is nothing but a traitor. I just lost a lot of respect for Jill Stein after reading this.

    • MylesH

      He was heading to Germany but the State Department pulled his passport en route through Russia. That’s why he’s there. Learn something before foaming at the mouth.

    • Mark

      @Buried by Vince exactly. She is a douche for saying that. Obviously for shock factor and trying to appeal to more traitors of this country.

    • anonymot

      You are as bright as your mad dog picture. What you say is nonsense and anyone who has followed the whistleblower stories knows that any neocon government hates being exposed to the truth about how they operate.

    • Louis Tash

      I am sorry that you do not see the idiocy, of the statement you have made.
      When you have to flee to a country that shoots political dissidents in the streets. What the hell does that make America! Don’t you realize if Edward Snowden, had to go to Russia? To acquire his right to free speech. That makes us worse than Russia you fool! It does not make Snowden a traitor! It does not change the fact that Russia is a bad place. It just means that we’re worse. Stop being an idiot look in the mirror you’re the problem! Your way of thinking is doublespeak and doublethink. Taught to you by your TV set. It is orwellian in nature and sociopathic and behavior.

      • MH

        I’ll never understand the hatred some feel for others for actually trying to improve life for all Americans. I mean, I get why those in power would, they have lies to cover up, but everyday Americans who actually suffer from the cover up? To then preach against your own interests. It blows my mind how easily influenced some people can become that they’d actually shoot off their own foot.


        • Buried by Vince

          I don’t agree with NSA policies and I am glad it was exposed, but don’t promote Edward Snowden as a good guy. He is a criminal and a coward.

          • MH


            Bravery is acting in the face of fear, not being unafraid.

            Do you honestly think that Snowden didn’t weigh out the huge personal consequences of taking one for the team? Had it not been for him the NSA wouldn’t have been exposed for their unconstitutional actions.

            Snowden’s destination wasn’t Russia. It’s circumstantial he ended up there because if you remember our President was trying to circumvent his mobility. He ended up in Russia. Later, Russia decided they would give him protection from extradition. I’m sure the guy missess his family and home. You should be thanking the guy.

          • Buried by Vince

            If he was brave and missed his family he would come back and stand trial. Instead he’s a pawn for enemy of America that oppresses freedom far more than NSA ever did.

          • MH

            Yeah, ok there General Patton. We’ll just agree to disagree on that point.

          • Fluttershy

            Being a criminal and being a bad guy are not remotely the same.

          • Kathy Fiser

            Like say….Hillary or Trump? So the NSA is a criminal but they are nice guys???

          • Kathy Fiser

            What if…we didn’t have war? What if there was no reason for secrets? What if transparency was the norm? If there are secrets…..some one is perpetrating another. And it seems to me that the NSA (among other big wigs) are perpetrating the american people….not Snowden. So who is the coward?

    • MH

      What’s your problem man. Paranoid much?

    • Joseph Shields

      My hunch is you probably never had any respect for Stein. The truth of the matter is Snowden didn’t “Run” to Russia. He first tried to go to several countries including Ireland but the US stepped up diplomatic pressure to prevent him from getting asylum. If you’d followed the events, he ended up in Hong Kong and was there quite a while before taking up residence in Russia because it was the ONLY country that would take him.

      • Buried by Vince

        Not true! I ran across this article after Bernie Sanders endorsed Hillary Clinton to learn more about Jill Stein and consider supporting her. After reading more about her I think I’ll just stick with Hillary.

  • yikesarama

    Those US bases are in our interest and in the interests of our allies. A “fortress America” approach has been a continuous temptation since the War of 1812….and it is a very dangerous notion.

  • Pete Wagner

    Wow, first HIllary, then Warren, then Ginsberg, and now her… Trump has the old lib gals seething with wacky non-sense.

    • BornVillain

      Haha, nice sexism there. Not that I should expect coherent, civil discourse from a Trump lover.

  • Mark

    And that’s why you’ll never be president.

  • Louis Tash

    BERNER for Jill! Ef u DNC!

  • BornVillain

    I actually jumped for joy hearing Stein. We should all get behind her, despite her imperfections (also we need to stop waiting for the “perfect” candidate and work with what we have), she’s the best chance we’ve got. As long as we keep the pressure on her to stay true and always represent our interests, shit could get done in this country. A thrilling thought.

    • MH

      Any canidate that’s willing to fight on behalf of the American people and not Wallstreet deserves our respect and support. I don’t care what label they attach to themselves. Green, yellow, purple. It doesn’t matter. Show up for me, my community, my country. That’s what matters.

      • BornVillain

        You said it!

  • Robert Skinner

    Burring hot for Jill. Ice cold for HRC and trump.

    • x4zta9q4AEsJ5gP

      $hillary is the Ice queen…makes sense =D

  • He said Hillary will be the nominee. Unless the super delegates change their mind because millions left the party when Bernie made the endorsement. This is the time to leave. Before the vote. Not after when it’s to late to send a statistical message. Be a statistic they understand. leave the corrupt Dem party and join the green party now to send a message to the super delegates. If Bernie wins, you can still vote for him, and you will be behind Jill if he doesn’t. Maybe he will leave after the nomination and join us.

  • Leaving the Dem party isn’t jumping ship. It is sending a statistical message to the super delegates that Hillary as the nominee is a mistake. A big mistake. Congress will be flipped and Trump, if elected will be powerless, and possibly even impeached. Get behind Jill. You have nothing to lose, and you might be helping Bernie. Leave the Dem party now to help Bernie’s revolution. This isn’t about parties. It’s about continuing the revolution. I’m buying large magnetic signs for my car. A car can be a rolling bill board. We need millions of these on the road. My car is electric and that means it will be a ” mean green electric campaign machine.. ” Well not so mean actually. LOL

  • There is no reason that Americans shouldn’t have the highest standard of living in the world.

    • MH

      Agreed. The richest nation has some of the poorest. Embarrasing.

  • I want the Green party to know that ascap and other agencies like them are exploiting restaurants, pubs and bars that are also music venues. They are charging so much for fees, that venues are no longer hiring musicians to play anymore. This amounts to black mail benefiting big multinational record and media labels and are hurting local musicians. This has a chilling affect of 99% of musicians and performers, enriching only a few the are supported by the rich and powerful. Imagine if Dillon, Niel Young or Woody Guthrie had never been heard. Musicians amplify the voice of the oppressed. And ASCAP and the other crooks like them are destroying the small home town music venue s and the artists that sing about social and political issues important to all of us. It is a form of censorship.

    • MH

      Dude, as a musician myself the major record labels have always been a bad deal for musicians. Even very famous musicians.

      Mainly, it’s a community that’s easy to exploit, because musician’s just want to make music and get attention. The opprtunity presents itself and in many cases right on the sleeve.

      We need to empower more musicians to manage their own success instead of putting in the hands of greedy opportunistic business men and women who simply want to franchise your brand and walk away with 80% of the profits.

  • Pablo Pantoja

    Okay, so where are the clever slogans to go with her name or platform? You know you can’t do it unless you got one.
    Thought Experiment: Wouldn’t it be perfectly balanced if the president wasn’t allowed to be a part of the 2 dominant parties in congress? Imagine you don’t vote for one party when you vote. Instead you vote for 2. One in your party, one in another party. Then the count is based on most common candidate from the total votes. 1st and second votes count equally. It would make for some interesting results from some simple math.
    Take it further and let you vote for 3 and give each one more value than the other if you’re concerned with your true preference isn’t represented. Then add them up and multiply by the additional value you gave to them, divide by 3 and you have a winner that wasn’t too far to either left or right. That might even start to tell the extreme right and left that they are going to be left out if they don’t start uniting in the middle where most of the real votes would end up, based on averaging.

    • Kathy Fiser

      Berning for JIll……!!! Saw that today. Like it.

  • Kathy Fiser

    I like Jill and will vote for her over Hillary or Trump but Bernie is a very smart man. He isn’t a person who trades away his integrity, that has been proven. He does however, strategically play his cards for the most impact. Keep your friends close…but your enemies closer….maybe. But I say…wait for it……wait for it

    • Pretty sure he was threatened to support Hillary, or else.

      • Kathy Fiser

        Well unless you have intel that I do not, I’m not so sure. the fact that he continues his candidacy and only endorsed her is very telling. If he had relinquished his candidacy …maybe. But he has played his cards very well. His platform is still in the eye of the public and being able to remain viable until after the convention allows him to not be forgotten and dismissed there by the movement isn’t forgotten nor dismissed. Several very close to his campaign have come out for Jill. Maybe this is the method of strengthening a 3rd party who has a very similar platform to his own (thus telling the people of the movement…its not me…its you and we need a strong third party..now) while he stays in the democratic party to support the grass roots movement of like minded players into the lower level of government. He is placing his strength where it will do the most good to accomplish our goals. That is my take on it.

  • Caspar David

    The revolution will continue with Jill Stein. She will be on the Florida ballot and she speaks in Tampa on September 28.