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Friday May 22, 2015

US Commission on Ocean Policy authors say America has learned nothing in wake of Katrina- By Mitch E. Perry

Today the Chairman of the U.S. Commission on Ocean Policy, Admiral James Watkins, and the chairman of the independent Pew Ocean Commission, former California Democratic Congressman Leon Panetta, announced the creation of a bi-partisan Joint Ocean Commission Initiative and review where the nation stands on implementing.

At a news conference in Washington, Admiral Watkins spoke almost bitterly about a report that his commission released a year ago on Ocean policy that he says is only MORE re...

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A major hurricane hitting the Texas coast could result in the loss of number of oil refineries, further raising havoc with the county’s energy supplies, and raising gas prices.

The Tampa Tribune reported that energy analysts say gas prices in some states could temporarily hit $4 or even $5 dollars a gallon if the hurricane makes a direct hit on key refineries and shipping channels.

That’s because much of the country’s energy companies concentrating...

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Castor and Paulson sound off on redistricting at Tiger Bay Club (Ernesto Difilippo)

The former Senate Candidate, Betty Castor, Spoke today at the Tiger Bay Club. She is one of the main backers of a petition drive for redistricting. WMNF’s Ernesto Difilippo has the story.

Betty Castor made news regarding the redistricting petition process. She announced that the third petition, which the Secretary of State Office ruled to be six words too long last month, will be abandoned in favor of another corrected one...

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The National Association of Home Builders says 275,000 homes were destroyed in Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi by hurricane Katrina. Many of these ware homes that were owned by people with mortgages. The Mortgage Bankers Association estimates that hurricane Katrina could affect 360,000 residential mortgages. In New Orleans, nearly 200,000 homes were damaged, with early estimates placing the number of homes destroyed at 60,000.

The Association of Community organizations for Reform No...

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Al-Arian trial brief - by Lance Robson

This past Monday it seemed as if the Prosecution nearly completed presenting their case against Sami Al-arian and three co-defendants, but a nearly forgotten issue involving electronic evidence from computers resurfaced.

Judge James Moody dismissed the jury Tuesday so that attorneys could argue over the admissibility and relevance of potential evidence without exposing the jury to information that may ultimately be deemed inadmissible.

In closed court defense attorneys o...

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Constitutional Scholar Eddie Tabash Discusses the Roberts' Confirmation Hearings and Church-State Issues

Eddie Tabash is a lawyer, a part time judge, the son of a Holocaust survivor, and a secular humanist. His experiences lead him to believe strongly in church-state separation. That wall is being weakened, he says, by GWB's nominees to the federal bench. He says at least one Supreme Court justice (Clarence Thomas) believes that states may recognize an official religion. Because of that the high court is in a precarious balance and our civil liberties are at stake. Tabash says that as the countr...

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A coalition of civil rights groups has filed a challenge to the proposed amendment to the Florida constitution that Would ban gay marriage, on the grounds that the ballot language misleads voters about what it will do, and it addresses more than one issue. Polls have shown that although Floridians do support a ban on gay marriage, they also support other legal rights for domestic partners. This morning, a press conference was held in Joe Chillura courthouse park in downtown Tampa, to let the...

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The primary election for the St Petersburg city council will be held next Tuesday, September 27th. One of the most contentious races is for the district 6 seat, where there are 4 people running to challenge incumbent Earnest Williams. One of those candidates, Darden Rice, held a town hall meeting at the Enoch Davis center Tuesday night to hear from her constituents. WMNFs Andrew Stelzer was there, and filed this report.

The main issues discussed during the 2 hour discussion were ...

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Fundraiser for Local Man Who has No Health Insurance

Mark Beiro is a part-time radio talk show host on WFLA. He is one of 45 million Americans who have no health insurance. Earlier this year, after running low on money, he fialed to take his diabetes medication. His health began to deteriorate and, ultimately, he was hospitalized. For a time his condition was touch and go, but after several days he began to recover and was released. The approximately week long stay in the hospital will cost Beiro tens of thousands of dollars, none of which is c...

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Former CIA Analyst Ray McGovern Discusses the Iraq War

McGovern served as a CIA analyst and Presidential briefer for 27 years (ending his service under the George HW Bush administration.. He's become an outspoken critic of the Iraq War, saying that intelligence was manipulated by the Bush administration to build public and Congressional support for invading Iraq in 2003. McGovern says the real motives were to build permanent U.S. military bases and to control Iraq's vast oil wealth. McGovern says that among the documents prooving that intelligenc...

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