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Saturday May 23, 2015

Fundraiser for Local Man Who has No Health Insurance

Mark Beiro is a part-time radio talk show host on WFLA. He is one of 45 million Americans who have no health insurance. Earlier this year, after running low on money, he fialed to take his diabetes medication. His health began to deteriorate and, ultimately, he was hospitalized. For a time his condition was touch and go, but after several days he began to recover and was released. The approximately week long stay in the hospital will cost Beiro tens of thousands of dollars, none of which is c...

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Former CIA Analyst Ray McGovern Discusses the Iraq War

McGovern served as a CIA analyst and Presidential briefer for 27 years (ending his service under the George HW Bush administration.. He's become an outspoken critic of the Iraq War, saying that intelligence was manipulated by the Bush administration to build public and Congressional support for invading Iraq in 2003. McGovern says the real motives were to build permanent U.S. military bases and to control Iraq's vast oil wealth. McGovern says that among the documents prooving that intelligenc...

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Hillsborough County Democratic Executive Committee Chair Janee Murphy last(Monday) night resigned during the Party’s monthly meeting.

Murphy has been under unrelenting attacks from fellow Party members since nearly the day she took over the Chair in March of 2003. She was re-elected to the post last December.

Her resignation came as a Subcommittee of the Democratic Executive Committee –or DEC- the Credentials Committee, wa...

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In the past few weeks, WMNF has aired several stories about the group Veterans for Peace being shut out of addressing students at schools in Pinellas and Hillsborough.

Anti-war activists like Veterans for Peace say they just want equal time – since the Military is allowed by Federal Law to address and actively recruit high school students. The No Child Left Behind Act requires school districts to allow recruiters on campus and provide them with the names, addresses and ...

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County Commissioner says Not Enough Attention paid to CIT public hearing - By Mitch E. Perry


As we reported last Friday on the Evening News, a mysterious e-mail sent out by a previously unheard of group, Hillsborough Tax Watch, alerted Hillsborough Citizens about a discussion on the Community Investment Tax at this coming week’s County Commission Meeting.

The Community Investment Tax, or CIT, was approved by County citizens in 1996. The highly controversial half cent sales tax was used in part to build Raymond James Stadium, the home since 1998 to the Tam...

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A cartoon of Kayne West and Condoleezza Rice in a student newspaper at the University of Florida which contained the word “nigga� has several black student groups calling for a boycott of the paper. WMNFs Andrew Stelzer has the story.

ACT-knight ‘because of the use of the word nigga we found it offensive and had to let the alligator know how we felt s a minority community…�

Krystalee Knight is a junior at UF, and the president of Gi...

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Online colnsortium of university classes offers free courses for Displaced Katrina Students-By Mitch E. Perry

As institutions, churches and organizations around the country race to help save lives through aid relief in the Gulf region, universities –like USF locally, are also using all available resources to offer assistance to get life back on track for the thousands of students displaced by Hurricane Katrina.

Now 2 University of Illinois administrators have created a website to provide a quality online education for up to 10,000 displaced students – at no cost to them.


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The Hillsborough Regional Transit Authority, HARTLINE, held a press conference this morning to introduce two new bus drivers. They both were working in New Orleans 3 weeks ago, and now have started their lives over in Tampa. WMNFs Andrew Stelzer has more.

ACT “I had a brother who worked in brother said the system was named HARTLINE…�

Booker T. Diggins has been working for the New Orleans Regional Transit Authority for 27 years.


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Rose Kalajian on Herbal Medicine

Rose Kalajian, the Herbalist at the clinic joined Dr. Carol Roberts and Rob Lorei in the studio for this program. Kalajian operates the Herbal Clinic, located on a 7-acre herb farm in Wesley Chapel, Florida. Most of the herbs which are used in the clinic are grown on the farm. The herbs are grown organically, then harvested, dried and formulated into Herbal Medicine. Kalajian offered advice on weight gain, detoxification, purification, blood thinning and many other uses for common herbs. She ...

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Bring Them Home Now - Norma Aviles, Gold Star Families for Peace. Samm Simpson and Carol Schiffler, St. Pete Peace Rally - Mary Glenney and Arlene Engelhardt, WS

Norma Aviles, Tampa, Gold Star Families for Peace, Mother of Lcpl. Andrew J. Aviles, USMC. Andy was killed April 7,2003 while proudly serving with the U.S. Marine Corps in Iraq at the age of 18. She spoke of W's lies that took her son to Iraq and the misleading information from the recruiter that led Andy to enlist because he loved his country, questioned the use of our military as "President Bush's private army and spoke of her feelings about the ribbon magnets on the back of many vehicles...

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