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Thursday May 28, 2015


The Hillsborough Regional Transit Authority, HARTLINE, held a press conference this morning to introduce two new bus drivers. They both were working in New Orleans 3 weeks ago, and now have started their lives over in Tampa. WMNFs Andrew Stelzer has more.

ACT “I had a brother who worked in brother said the system was named HARTLINE…�

Booker T. Diggins has been working for the New Orleans Regional Transit Authority for 27 years.


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Rose Kalajian on Herbal Medicine

Rose Kalajian, the Herbalist at the clinic joined Dr. Carol Roberts and Rob Lorei in the studio for this program. Kalajian operates the Herbal Clinic, located on a 7-acre herb farm in Wesley Chapel, Florida. Most of the herbs which are used in the clinic are grown on the farm. The herbs are grown organically, then harvested, dried and formulated into Herbal Medicine. Kalajian offered advice on weight gain, detoxification, purification, blood thinning and many other uses for common herbs. She ...

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Bring Them Home Now - Norma Aviles, Gold Star Families for Peace. Samm Simpson and Carol Schiffler, St. Pete Peace Rally - Mary Glenney and Arlene Engelhardt, WS

Norma Aviles, Tampa, Gold Star Families for Peace, Mother of Lcpl. Andrew J. Aviles, USMC. Andy was killed April 7,2003 while proudly serving with the U.S. Marine Corps in Iraq at the age of 18. She spoke of W's lies that took her son to Iraq and the misleading information from the recruiter that led Andy to enlist because he loved his country, questioned the use of our military as "President Bush's private army and spoke of her feelings about the ribbon magnets on the back of many vehicles...

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Kim Gandy with Amy Goodman on Roberts Testimony

Roberts Testifies Roe v. Wade is "Settled As a Precedent" But Refuses to Say Whether He Would Reverse Abortion Ruling Amy Goodman with Kim Gandy, president of NOW and others. Will a Roberts court protect Roe v. Wade or is there a plan to overturn it? From Democracy Now! September 15.

For more information:

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Lizz Wright, musician - Mary Glenney, Women's Show

Lizz Wright, musician. Mary talked with Lizz about her views of music and her upcoming concert at the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center. Lizz released a new album this summer, “Dreaming Wide Awake.� Her earlier album, “Salt,� is a favorite of WMNF listeners.

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Officials OK Largest Tax Increase in Polk County History - By Mitch E. Perry

After nearly 6 hours of debate, the Polk County Commission last night approved the largest tax increase in the county’s history…..As expected, commissioners – All Republican voted 4-1 to raise property taxes by up to 23 percent to pay for road projects and build new parks and libraries in unincoporated parts of the County.

Commissioners Jack Myers, Paul Senft, Sam Johnson and Bob English voted for the tax package.

Commissioner Randy Wilkinson vote...

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Tampa insurance salesman Ken Anthony kicked off his campaign for the District 3 seat on the Hillsborough county commission last night. Former city councilman Bob Buckhorn was one of about 75 people who came to the campaign kickoff at the Urban League on North Howard in Tampa.

ACT-buckhorn “this county is in desperate need of need someone who understands priorities..�

Buckhorn said that he believes Anthony has paid his dues, and would be a good lea...

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Firms Hired to Clear Debris in Gulf Coast-By Mitch E.Perry

The Army Corps of Engineers hired four companies yesterday- one from the bay area-to remove debris from parts of Louisiana and Mississippi damaged by Hurricane Katrina. No companies from the affected Gulf Coast were awarded a share of the $2 billion in contracts, but in a statement, the Corps says they must give preference to subcontractors in those areas.

The Corps of Engineers held an abbreviated competition, with 22 companies competing….One of the companies is Phillips...

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Noreen Gosch’s story has all the makings of a political thriller, with a conspiracy driven plot of influential high-ranking politicians and business people tied to human trafficking of child sex slaves. Her story starts with the kidnapping of her 12 year-old son Johnny in 1982 and has evolved into questions of money laundering, assignations, and cover-ups spanning from her small hometown in Des Moines, Iowa to Washington DC. Gosch came to speak for the first time in Florida last nigh...

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Tampa resident David Simon says he’s beginning to gain the momentum needed to force the Honeywell company to clean up a toxic waste site they created on his family’s land. The story goes back more than 30 years, beginning when Simon parents bought more than 16 acres of land on Himes and waters avenues, then leased it to Honeywell, where the company built a circuit board manufacturing plant. Simon told WMNF that when a pipe burst in 1982, and spilled 82,000 gallons of methyle...

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