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Sunday May 3, 2015


Jennifer Porter, the 29 year old Land O’Lakes dance teacher accused of leaving the scene of an accident in which two children were killed last year, agreed today to plead guilty to the charge. Under the terms of her plea deal, Porter will receive no more than three years in prison. Porter entered the plea this morning in Hillsborough Circuit Court. She will be sentenced in October.

Porter was driving a Toyota Echo that authorities say was involved in the March 31st, 2004 a...

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Al-Arian trial, Israeli witnesses, Financial transfers to families, Jury issue - by Lance Robson

Today the prosecution called 7 Israeli witnesses to testify about a car bombing that destroyed a bus near the Megiddo (M-Gee-dow) junction in 2002.

The Witnesses included Israeli Police officers and civilians who were either on the bus or called to the scene afterwards. Defense attorneys objected each time the scene was described in gory detail…having reached an agreement yesterday that was meant to minimize the prejudicial nature the testimony relating to Megiddo Junction bus ...

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Dr. Myles Bader spent his career as an MD but he now has a different title. He calls himself "The Buggy Doctor". He's done research for more than ten years on how to naturally control insects and other pests. From using ammonia to scare away cats, to using boric acid or vinegar to ward off insects in the home he offers many safe alternatives to dangerous chemicals. His book is CLUB THE BUGS AND SCARE THE CRITTERS.

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ACLU complains to St. Pete Mayor, Police Chief about harassment at Baywalk-By Mitch E. Perry

St. Pete For Peace The Weekly anti-war Protests led by the group St. Pete for Peace took place as usual last Saturday Night in St. Petersburg, with over a hundred demonstrators in attendance. But unlike the past few weeks, protestors were not constrained by barricades.

That decision to remove them came from St. Pete Police Chief Chuck Harmon. In a memo sent to Mayor Rick Baker last Friday, Harmon said that in addition to removing the barricades, he would evaluate the St. Peter...

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The trial of Sami Al Arian continued today, with the revelation that one of the jurors was improperly talking about the trial. WMNFs Andrew Stelzer was at the federal courthouse in downtown Tampa, and filed this report.

To open the morning, a juror submitted a note to judge moody, saying that he should remind the jurors not to discuss the case. This led the Judge to bring each juror in, one by one, and question them as to whether jurors were in fact, talking amongst thems...

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Women Win the Vote: 85 Years & Beyond - Molly Murphy MacGregor, Executive Director and Cofounder of the National Women’s History Project with Mary Glenney, Women's Show

Women Win the Vote: 85 Years & Beyond

Molly Murphy MacGregor, Executive Director and Cofounder of the National Women’s History Project. Molly will talk to us from the Philadelphia event in the National Constitution Center – the main celebration for Women’s Equality Day: “Women Win the Vote: 85 Years and Beyond.� CNN will be taping the events there Friday evening. We are celebrating and honoring the remarkable work of the hundreds of thousands who worked...

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Ancestors - Thelma Young, author and Lizz Straight, poet with Mary Glenney and Arlene Engehardt, WS

Mother… Daughter… Ancestors

Thelma Young, author of The Stories My Foremothers Told Me and Lizz Straight, poet and host of “Poetry Is� on WMNF. Thelma wanted to gather her foremothers’ recollections into a narrative which would bring the reader face to face with the experiences of 5 Black-Creole Catholic women living on the Mississippi-Louisiana Gulf Coast from the days of Jim Crow into the 21st Century.

Lizz will share some of her poems with us.


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Weekly Planet's Wayne Garcia on Re-Districting in Florida -By Mitch E. Perry

Yesterday the Secretary of State’s office rescinded its approval of a Ballot Initiative that would change the way the state’s political lines are drawn – saying it is 6 words too long.

The petition is one of 3 that a group organized to change the way Florida’s Legislative and Congressional Districts are currently drawn has been circulating, trying to get signatures on a petition to get next year’s Ballot.

The Commmitee for Fair Electi...

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The Palm Beach county police are calling for a county commissioner to resign in the wake of controversial comments she made in regard to a killing of a black teenager. The case of Jerrod Miller by an officer outside a high school dance in February caused the black community in Delray Beach to form its own task force. A public inquest was held and broadcast on TV throughout the county, and the judge suggested that officer Darren Cogoni should be tried for manslaughter. Although the officer ...

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Showdown between Polk County Republicans- By Mitch E. Perry

Tonight the Polk County Republican Executive Committee holds their monthly meeting in Bartow, and the rhetoric could get heated.

That’s because Party members are upset at 4 of the 5 County Commissioners – all Republicans – who are supporting a property tax increase.

GOP Executive Committee leader Eric Allen tells today’s (Thursday) Lakeland Ledger that Polk County Republicans are talking about preparing a letter reprimanding the 4 Commissione...

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