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Sunday December 21, 2014


Governor Bush signed three new elections bills today, regarding campaign finance, the felons voting list, early voting among other issues. Many aspects of the new laws are upsetting to voters rights advocates. Some new laws are focused on election day itself and the early voting process. Early voting, which was considered a success, will now be less flexible---it must be standardized county wide, and be limited to eight hours on weekdays and weekends over a 15-day period before Election Da...

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Tampa Mayor Iorio joined us for this half hour. Iorio spoke out strongly against the Hillsborough County Commission vote last week to ban county involvement in marking gay pride events. She explained her vision for Tampa's downtown Riverfront. She discussed why the high cost of repairs makes her skeptical about saving Kiley Park. She defended the old federal courthouse as an ideal place for the new Tampa Museum of Art. And she took phone calls from listeners on a variety of topics including a...

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Black Judges On Justice

Yale graduate- Rhone Frazier joins the program to guest host. He interviews Mr.Lynn Washington, editor of the Philadelphia Tribune.

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KAREN DOERING, Esq., Hillsborough County Commission Bans Recognition of Gay Pride - Mary Glenney, Women's Show

Hillsborough County Commission Bans Recognition of Gay Pride

Karen Doering, Esq. Karen Doering will discuss the policy adopted by the County Commission Wednesday. Karen joined National Center for Lesbian Rights in February 2002. Doering has extensive experience litigating civil rights cases. She first joined Equality Florida in 1998 as a volunteer attorney, and left private practice in February 2001 to help create Equality Florida's Legal Advocacy Project. While at Equality Florida, she ...

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"THE EDUCATION OF SHELBY KNOX," POV Documentary, Marion Lipschutz, filmmaker and Shelby Knox - Mary Glenney, Women's Show

Sex, Lies and Education

Shelby Knox, subject and Rose Rosenblatt, filmmaker (with Marion Lipschutz), “The Education of Shelby Knox.� What’s it like to be a Christian teenage girl today? The Sundance award-winning film, “The Education of Shelby Knox� profiles a young native of Lubbock, Texas, on the rocky road through high school. At 15, Shelby pledges celibacy until marriage, but because Lubbock has one of the highest teen pregnancy and STD rates in the stat...

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MEDEA BENJAMIN, CODE PINK - Mary Glenney, Women's Show

Stop the Next War Now

Medea Benjamin, co-editor of the book, Stop the Next War Now – Effective Responses to Violence and Terrorism. Medea Benjamin and Jodie Evans edited this book published by Inner Ocean Publishing. Foreword is by Alice Walker, introduction by Arundhati Roy, more than 70 of the world’s most visionary experts and activists contribute to this new collection of essays. Medea will talk with Mary about the book and about current actions sponsored by Code Pink...

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For sixteen years, Pastors for Peace has collected medical supplies, toys, and other humanitarian aid and transported it in a caravan to Cuba. Last summer 16 buses and 9 trucks crossed 120 cities in the US and Canada collecting donations. On July 10th one of the three buses departing from Florida for the US-Cuba Friendship Caravan will reach Tampa.
Thursday night, Tampa’s Cuban community held a fundraiser for Pastors for Peace at Viva LA Frida to support the Caravan. For WMNF, Je...

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Yesterday a coalition of Latino advocacy organizations teamed up with several elected officials to launch Hispanics for a Fair Judiciary; an initiative to educate Hispanic Americans about the importance of judicial appointments, and to allow the people to advocate for issues and fair judges without being labeled a race traitor. Representative Charles Gonzalez is from san Antonio Texas, and chair of the civil rights task force of the congressional Hispanic caucus, which monitors appointments t...

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