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Saturday April 18, 2015


On today's sustainable living program we'll talk about Solar Cooking and a sustainable diet. Our first guest will be Paul Munsen, with Sun Ovens International, Elburn IL (800-408-7919); and then joining us in the studio will be Michelle LaFleur with Food for Life. She will be joined with Frank Tedesco to talk about a sustainable diet.

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ACORN Family Fun Day in Rowlett Park - by Emily Reddy

Sulphur Springs residents gathered this Saturday in Rowlett Park for a Family Fun day aimed at bringing the community together. There were hotdogs, music, and games for the kids and a message to the community to unite and support each other. ACORN, the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, organized the even. WMNF's Emily Reddy has more.

By mid-morning the tree shaded...

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Are You Listening, Mr. Pres? - Medea Benjamin, Mary Glenney, Women's Show

Medea Benjamin of Code Pink brought us up to date from Crawford, Texas on the events at Camp Casey. She said that Cindy plans to stay there until President Bush either talks with her or leaves Crawford. If he leaves without speaking with her, she plans to follow him to Washington. She said that Cindy is exhausted, but doing very well -- and that the support is overwhelming. Many people were arriving for the rallies and demonstrations this weekend. Messages of support and contributions or...

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Save the Court for Women's Lives, Nancy Northup, President, Center for Reproductive Rights - Mary Glenney, Women's Show

Nancy Northup talked about Supreme Court Nominee John Roberts, particularly in relation to the right of privacy. She discussed her concern with what we do know about him and with the refusal of the administration to release documents. She is concerned that we will not be able to get answers to the most important questions -- his views on important rights and issues, including privacy, free speech, the right to choose. She urged listeners to contact their senators with their concerns. List...

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PRIDE IN EXILE-Andrew Stelzer

In reaction to the Hillsborough county commissions gay pride ban county participation in gay pride events, the key west city council decided to hold a “pride in exile� festival this weekend--its also sponsored by Monroe county and dozens of local businesses. Thousands of people are expected to converge on Key west, the weekend will include a parade, a “dragged from Tampa’ drag show, and an “exiled but not abandoned� service at a community church. In refer...

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In June the St Petersburg Environmental Development Commission voted to deny Wal-Mart a permit to build a Super Center store on wetlands just off Gandy Blvd. Wal-Mart was scheduled to appeal this decision to the City Council later this month. A town hall meeting was organized last night to prepare for Wal-Mart’s appeal by community groups apposed to the Super Center on Gandy. But hours before the town hall meeting, Wal-Mart made an announcement that turned the organizing meeting in...

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In solidarity will Cindy Sheehan, some Pinellas county residents are conducting a sign waving in St Petersburg. Bill Buculo is one of those people, WMNF spoke to him only minutes ago.


There will be another sign waving in support of Cindy Sheehan in on Monday beginning at 5PM at the Intersection of 4th Street and Gandy Blvd. For more information, call 727 527 - 3996

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This Sunday, Tom delay will be speaking to thousands of evangelical Christians across the country via satellite TV. The Two Rivers Baptist Church in Nashville, Tenn., will host the Family Research Council's "Justice Sunday II - God Save the United States and this Honorable Court" this coming Sunday. It will be broadcast live in churches across the country, and carried on hundreds of radio and "Christian TV" stations, and via a live webcast. The theme is "How activist judges subvert the famil...

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