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Friday May 29, 2015

Women Win the Vote: 85 Years & Beyond - Molly Murphy MacGregor, Executive Director and Cofounder of the National Women’s History Project with Mary Glenney, Women's Show

Women Win the Vote: 85 Years & Beyond

Molly Murphy MacGregor, Executive Director and Cofounder of the National Women’s History Project. Molly will talk to us from the Philadelphia event in the National Constitution Center – the main celebration for Women’s Equality Day: “Women Win the Vote: 85 Years and Beyond.� CNN will be taping the events there Friday evening. We are celebrating and honoring the remarkable work of the hundreds of thousands who worked...

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Ancestors - Thelma Young, author and Lizz Straight, poet with Mary Glenney and Arlene Engehardt, WS

Mother… Daughter… Ancestors

Thelma Young, author of The Stories My Foremothers Told Me and Lizz Straight, poet and host of “Poetry Is� on WMNF. Thelma wanted to gather her foremothers’ recollections into a narrative which would bring the reader face to face with the experiences of 5 Black-Creole Catholic women living on the Mississippi-Louisiana Gulf Coast from the days of Jim Crow into the 21st Century.

Lizz will share some of her poems with us.


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Weekly Planet's Wayne Garcia on Re-Districting in Florida -By Mitch E. Perry

Yesterday the Secretary of State’s office rescinded its approval of a Ballot Initiative that would change the way the state’s political lines are drawn – saying it is 6 words too long.

The petition is one of 3 that a group organized to change the way Florida’s Legislative and Congressional Districts are currently drawn has been circulating, trying to get signatures on a petition to get next year’s Ballot.

The Commmitee for Fair Electi...

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The Palm Beach county police are calling for a county commissioner to resign in the wake of controversial comments she made in regard to a killing of a black teenager. The case of Jerrod Miller by an officer outside a high school dance in February caused the black community in Delray Beach to form its own task force. A public inquest was held and broadcast on TV throughout the county, and the judge suggested that officer Darren Cogoni should be tried for manslaughter. Although the officer ...

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Showdown between Polk County Republicans- By Mitch E. Perry

Tonight the Polk County Republican Executive Committee holds their monthly meeting in Bartow, and the rhetoric could get heated.

That’s because Party members are upset at 4 of the 5 County Commissioners – all Republicans – who are supporting a property tax increase.

GOP Executive Committee leader Eric Allen tells today’s (Thursday) Lakeland Ledger that Polk County Republicans are talking about preparing a letter reprimanding the 4 Commissione...

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Abortion Rights Groups remain concerned about John Roberts on Supreme Court- By Mitch E.Perry


Conservative syndicated columnist Robert Novak reported today in his column that supporters of Judge John Roberts are not assuming that Democrats will not try hard to stop his confirmation for the Supreme Court next month.

His proof? A memo sent out that mentions the fact that a longtime aide to Senator Ted Kennedy – James Fung - has returned to the Senator’s side after 30 years of private practice.

Fung – worked with Senator Kennedy when...

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St Pete for Peace Cancel Protest at Mayor Baker's Home - Jen Germaine

In an act of good faith St Pete for Peace canceled their planned vigil outside Mayor Rick Baker’s home Wednesday night. The anti-war activist hope that by not protesting outside Baker’s home, the St. Petersburg City Council will stand with them calling for the Mayor to remove the barricades that restrict public protest at Baywalk. Instead of the protest at the Mayor’s home, they returned to the corner of 4th Street N and 22nd Ave to hold signs and wave at passing cars. ...

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Retired Firefighters in St Petersburg may soon be getting a long awaited increase to their pensions, after a city council candidate decided to take up their cause. WMNFs Andrew Stelzer has the story.

ACT-riley “were not talking about much I—its a 544 million dollar budget

Michael Riley retired from the St Petersburg fire department about 16 months ago.

ACT-riley “I started getting calls from firefighters, and widows they needed more…something...

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WMNF’s Andrew Stelzer spoke to St Pete city councilwoman Virginia Litrell this afternoon, before the city council meeting at which the issue of barricades at Baywalk was scheduled to be discussed.


That was St Pete city councilwoman Virginia Litrell. The results of this afternoons St Pete city council meeting took place too late to be included in this broadcast.

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Tampa City Council - Stormwater & Steetcar taxes - Seán Kinane

At today’s Tampa City Council meeting there was a public hearing to consider the adoption of a non-ad valorem assessment roll for the purpose of paying for stormwater management services in the City of Tampa. WMNF’s Seán Kinane was there and files this report.

Chuck Walter, the director of the City’s Stormwater Council noted that fifteen letters of objection to the stormwater assessment from eleven people and two letters in favor of the assessment had been ...

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