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Friday July 3, 2015


The Tampa City council voted Thursday night to reject the city attorney’s proposed mediation with high-rise developer Citivest. Over 100 Hyde Park residents crowded in the council chamber to voice their objection to the 19-story building that would be built in their neighborhood. But before the mediation could be discussed, Mayor Iorio showed up to ask the council to reconsider her storm water fee increase. Jen Germaine was there and files this report.

Mayor Pam Iorio proposed a...

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An Iraq War Veteran Shares His Eyewitness Account Of The War

John Crawford is now a student at Florida State University. But from late 2002 until 2004 he took part in the U.S. invasion of Iraq. Because he was a member of the Florida National Guard he experienced the war from a different perspective than the regular military. He's written a book from an infantrymen's perspective called THE LAST TRUE STORY I'LL TELL: AN ACCIDENTAL SOLDIER'S ACCOUNT OF THE WAR IN IRAQ (Riverhead).

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State Group Sues to stop Polk County Tax- By Mitch E. Perry

A state wide anti-tax group filed suit today in a Bartow Courthouse to prevent the imposition of a proposed property tax hike by Polk County Commissioners.

Last month, the County Commission voted 4-1 to increase property taxes countywide by $1 per $1,000 dollars of taxable value for road construction and maintenance. They are scheduled to officially approve the hike at their meeting next week.

Doug Guetzle is the Chairman of Axe the Tax, a state wide group based out ...

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Doctors at two public hospitals in New Orleans have called The Associated Press to plead for rescue. The physicians say they are nearly out of food and power and have been forced to move patients to higher floors to escape looters.

 Doctor Norman McSwain says he and his colleagues at Charity

Hospital have turned to The A-P as a last resort. McSwain says he tried calling the mayor and the governor, using any "inside pressure" possible, to no avail.

 McSwain says there's min...
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Almost 100 people gathered at Eckerd college today, for the first day of a two day site-fighters gathering. The conference brought together people from all over the county who are working to oppose Wal-Mart and other big-box retail stores. WMNFs Andrew Stelzer was there and filed this report.

---------- ACT--rathke “many of you are the outstanding fighters..all of these stores are immense

Wade Rathke is the chief organizer of ACORN’s Wal-Mart organizing Projec...

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Philadelphia Blogger Lists Bush Administration as being culpable for not providing funding for Hurricane Preparedness-By Mitch E.Perry

Will Bunch is a national correspondent for the Philadelphia Daily News. On that site he has a blog, called Attytood. Last night Bunch wrote on his blog about the reduction of funding to the Army Corps of Engineers to help shore up the levees and build up pumping stations in Louisiana that has happened in the last few years. And he cites articles in the main New Orleans daily newspaper – The Times Picayune – to back up his charge that the Bush Adminstration proposed spend...

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Harry Britt on Harvey Milk - By Mitch E. Perry

Tomorrow night at the Sunrise Move Theatre in Hyde Park, the film “The Times of Harvey Milk “ will be screened.

Harvey Milk was the first openly gay city official in the U.S., elected to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors in 1977.

Tragically, a year later, he and the Mayor of San Francisco, George Moscone, were assassinated by a fellow San Francisco Supervisor Dan White, enraged when Mayor Moscone would not give back his job after White had quit.

The ...

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Is The Iraq War Constitutional?

Peter Irons, a political science professor at the University of California at San Diego has written a new book on the constitutional power to declare war (WAR POWERS: HOW THE IMPERIAL PRESIDENCY HIJACKED THE CONSTITUTION). He says the writers of the U.S. Constitution wanted the immense power to declare war to reside in the hands of Congress. Overtime, especially since 1945, the power to enter wars has moved to the office of the President. Irons says this is a violation of original intent and ...

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Our guests Wade Rathke and Rick Smith are veteran community and union organizers. They've begun working with a new group called Wal-Mart Alliance for Reform Now (WARN). WARN is comprised of Wal-Mart workers who are concerned about working conditions at the retail giant. Some of the concerns are low hours, reduced hours and changing schedules without consulting employees. Rathke and Smith are also involved in a coalition to prevent giant box stores such as Wal-Mart from displacing local worker...

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Brandon area state representative Tom Lee formally kicked off his campaign for the states chief financial officer today. Lee was fist elected to the state senate in 1996. he told the crowd of about 100 supporters who came to the Greater Brandon greater Chamber of Commerce that the newly created CFO position may not be well understood, but its very important.

ACT “2700 hundred people in 12 division responsible for every dollar. 7692 number of calls every week from consumersââ...

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