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Thursday May 28, 2015

Restoring The Lower Hillsborough River

For more than 40 years the flow over the dam into the lower Hillsborough River has not been enough to sustain the health of that part of the waterway. Another problem is that natural springs which once fed the river in Tampa have been diverted. The lack of fresh water in the lower Hillsborough has led to high salinity, fish kills and a lack of a healthy eco-system. Our guests are working to restore the flow of fresh water into the lower river. Phil Compton and John Ovink are with the group Fr...

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Tampa Going to Go Green in New Construction?-By Mitch E. Perry

A new organization in Tampa dedicated to promoting sustainable development issues, sponsored a meeting today (Tuesday) on defining “Green “ or environmentally friendly buildings , and discuss the economic, social and qualify of life benefits of going green.

The group - known as BEST - Built Environment for Sustainable Tampa- sponsored the session, in association with the Tampa Downtown Partnership.

John Toppe is the founding president of the Florida Gulf Coas...

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Our guest was Larry Brand, professor of Marine Biology and Fisheries at the University of Miami (Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science). Brand is in the bay area to take some water samples in the gulf. Recent news reports indicate the massive red tide bloom that broke out in January is continuing to harm marine life off the coast of the bay area. Many deaths of sea turtles, manatees, fish and other marine life have been reported since the beginning of the year. Oxygen levels are...

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A controversial exhibit which displays dead human bodies is scheduled to open at the Tampa museum of Science and Industry this coming Saturday. Last week, Florida state attorney general Charlie Crist ruled that the state anatomical board has to approve the exhibit-- the board is having an emergency meeting to discuss the issue tomorrow. But this morning, MOSI opened up the museum to give the media a preview, and exhibit officials says no mater what, Bodies: the Exhibition will open as plann...

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Local Cindy Sheehan Protest- by Mitch E.Perry

For the past hour off of Gandy Boulevard in St. Petersburg, there has been a peaceful, sign waving demonstration in support of Cindy Sheehan, the California woman who has been holding a vigil near President Bush’s ranch in Crawford, Texas, trying to get an audience with the President.

Sheehan’s vigil, now in its 9th day, has received international attention as she vies to speak – again- to the President. Sheehan’s 24 year old son Casey was killed in Ira...

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SAMI AL ARIAN TRIAL--AUGUST 15TH 2005-Andrew Stelzer

The trial of Sami Al Arian and 3 other men accused of aiding the Palestinian Islamic Jihad continued today, with several witnesses flown in from Israel to testify. Today’s testimony centered around a bombing on January 22nd, 1995 at Betlid Junction in Israel, a transit station between Tel Aviv and Haifa. The Palestinian Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for the bombing, in which 2 members of the PIJ blew themselves up at the crowded bus stop— 22 people were killed and 59 we...

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On today's sustainable living program we'll talk about Solar Cooking and a sustainable diet. Our first guest will be Paul Munsen, with Sun Ovens International, Elburn IL (800-408-7919); and then joining us in the studio will be Michelle LaFleur with Food for Life. She will be joined with Frank Tedesco to talk about a sustainable diet.

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ACORN Family Fun Day in Rowlett Park - by Emily Reddy

Sulphur Springs residents gathered this Saturday in Rowlett Park for a Family Fun day aimed at bringing the community together. There were hotdogs, music, and games for the kids and a message to the community to unite and support each other. ACORN, the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, organized the even. WMNF's Emily Reddy has more.

By mid-morning the tree shaded...

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Are You Listening, Mr. Pres? - Medea Benjamin, Mary Glenney, Women's Show

Medea Benjamin of Code Pink brought us up to date from Crawford, Texas on the events at Camp Casey. She said that Cindy plans to stay there until President Bush either talks with her or leaves Crawford. If he leaves without speaking with her, she plans to follow him to Washington. She said that Cindy is exhausted, but doing very well -- and that the support is overwhelming. Many people were arriving for the rallies and demonstrations this weekend. Messages of support and contributions or...

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