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Friday May 22, 2015

Sunday Forum with guest Reggie Mitchell

Sunday Forum host, Otis Anthony, speaks with attorney Reggie Mitchell in discussing the nomination of John Roberts to the Supreme Court. Reggie Mitchell is a representative of the People for the American way.

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Edna Buchanan, author of SHADOWS, crime novelist and reporter - Mary Glenney, Women's Show

Edna Buchanan, crime novelist, author of Shadows, the second in the Cold Case Squad series. She covered the police beat for the Miami Herald for 18 years. Calvin Trillin said in his profile of Edna Buchanan, "In Miami, a few figures are regularly discussed by first She talked about her background, her early trip to Miami Beach and falling in love with the area. She always loved to read and decided at age 4 that she wanted to be a writer. She hated school, but was encouraged to write by ...

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Karen Wayland, Natural Resources Defense Council - Mary Glenney, Women's Show

Save Energy? Bring Gas Prices Down?

Karen Wayland, Legislative Director, Natural Resources Defense Council. Mary talked with Karen about the new Energy Bill. Does it have a long range approach to dealing with alternative energy sources and conservation necessary with limited oil reserves? Is nuclear an option? What really is in the energy bill, and perhaps more importantly, what is not? Although it has already passed the House and will probably pass in the Senate today, it is still i...

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Judith Schaeffer, People for the American Way

John Roberts – Friend or Foe?

Judith Schaeffer, Deputy Legal Director, People for the American Way. Judith talked with Mary about John Roberts record, particularly during his tenure as Deputy Solicitor General during the Bush 41 administration. They focused on the political decisions he made as Deputy Solicitor General, citing cases and writings that demonstrate his positions. Judith explained what the Solicitor General’s office does and how John Roberts’ personal p...

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Donna Klein, singer/songwriter - Women's Show

Kickback with Donna Klein

Donna Klein, Singer/Songwriter. Well-known and popular Tampa Bay area singer/songwriter, Donna is leaving this area and moving to Michigan. Join us for some relaxation and a farewell tribute to this singer/songwriter who has entertained us with her music and supported so many musicians in Tampa Bay. Hear selections from her new CD, “Sail Beyond the Sunset.�

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The Hillsborough County Commission voted yesterday to cut funding to Source Teen Theater, a program in which teens teach other youth about issues of sexuality, drug prevention, gang activity and family violence. Hillsborough County Commissioner Rhonda Storms led the effort to cut the program. She told the president of the sponsoring group, Planned Parenthood of Southwest Florida, that she was "prolife and you're not." Barbara Zdravecky, president of PPSWF, was our guest for this segment. She ...

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At the request of Hillsborough county commissioner Rhonda Storms, the commission decided yesterday to eliminate funding for a teen educational program sponsored by Planned Parenthood. Planned parenthood wanted the commission to give them almost 40,000 dollars over the next 2 years to fund Source Teen Theatre. The program, which teaches teenagers about drugs, sex, gangs and family violence has been funded intermittently by the county over the past few years. Barbara Dravecky is the presiden...

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Hillsborough County Executive Committee Heads Speak at Tiger Bay-By Mitch E. Perry

Despite the fact that there are 40,000 more Democrats registered in Hillsborough County than Republicans, currently the GOP dominates local Politics.

After last November’s election, in which President Bush took the County by over 6 percentage points, Democrats participation on the County Commission was reduced to only 2 members, with only 1 of them, Commissioner Kathy Castor, a reliable Democratic vote.

Today at the Tiger Bay Club in Tampa, the Chairs of the re...

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This past Monday, the mobile home of a gay man in Lakeland was found Monday set on fire, in what appears to be a hate crime. Local law enforcement haven’t yet released comment about the incident, but the incident is part of a trend that is casting a shadow on the Tampa bay area as a safe place for people of different sexual orientation.

ACT-Winfield “the words die fag were spray painted on this home that was torched..’

Brian Winfield is the communicati...

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