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Sunday April 19, 2015


INTRO: The term “Reagan Democrat� was coined in the early eighties to describe the many Democrats who participated and supported Ronald Reagan’s two terms in office. Some went so far as to switch parties completely, becoming Republican. In what may be a new trend, some of those who felt more comfort from the Reagan Era G.O.P., are increasingly finding discomfort with the policies and direction of the current administration, and congress. One such disaffected Republican is Fr...

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Katherine Harris advisors say they're not swayed by bad polls-Mitch Perry

Despite polls that show her trailing badly in a possible race for U.S. Senate next year, The Bradenton Herald reported today that Congresswoman Katherine Harris’s camp spirits are now improving with the results of an internal poll this week.

The poll was done by the Tarrance Group, a Republican polling and strategic research firm out of Washington...The results, according to pollster Ed Goeas,indicate that Harris need not worry at this time about the double –digit ...

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According to a new poll, Florida voters are convinced Governor Jeb Bush is intervening in the Terri Schiavo case for political reasons and disapprove by a nearly 2-to-1 margin.

But the survey of 1,248 registered voters in Florida by the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute finds the Governor still getting a solid 49% approval rate.

The Survey also shows that most voters – 70 percent – do NOT want to see Bush further cement a political dynasty by runni...

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Activists Demand An Answer from Katherine Harris on Social Security- Mitch Perry

A coalition of groups held a press conference today outside Congresswoman Katherine Harris District office in Sarasota, calling on her to make her position known on the President Bush’s plans to partially privatize social security, and a new proposal just introduced by House Republicans which could come up for a vote within the next month. The groups, united under the umbrella of Floridians United to Protect Social Security, do not support any privatization of the system which woul...

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Al-Arian trial, Financial transfers during Ramadan, PIJ Document - by Lance Robson

The Prosecution began the day by calling Chicago resident Salah Da-owd(Daiod), an employee at the Middle East Financial transfer service, which specializes in money transfers between the US and Middle. Da-owd was asked to testify about financial transfers made by the Chciago Islamic Center, a mosque that two of Al-arian;s co-defendants have worked for.

The Prosecution discussed over twenty money transfers made in the name of the Chicago Islamic Center (as well as the American Muslim...

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Bayshore Task Force may reassess sidewalks on Bayshore -Mitch Perry

Citizens living along Bayshore Boulevard in South Tampa raised objections today to a plan to add sidewalks on a portion of the western part of the road, used daily by tens of thousands of motorists.

The objections came during a meeting of the Bayshore Task Force, a group assigned by Mayor Pam Iorio over a year ago to study what could be done to make the road safer after 3 different fatalities occurred with a year.

Last December, Mayor Iorio allocated $200,000 from the city...

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"Pride Is Back" Rally

Anchor Intro:

A week and a half ago Hillsborough County Commissioners voted to forbid county government from acknowledging, promoting or participating in gay pride events. That decision set off an avalanche of controversy, that the commission is still weathering. Now, members of the community from all walks of life are continuing to gather and speak out in hopes their efforts will result in the repeal of the ban. WMNF reporter Julie Togba attended the “Pride is Back� rally la...

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The planned construction of a crematorium in Largo is being contested by neighborhood residents, who say they haven’t had a say in the process, and the crematorium is not an appropriate businesss to be in theri neighborhood. WMNFs Andrew Stelzer has the story

HEY hEY HO HO, crematoriums got to go…

By 4:30pm, almost 50 residents had come out of their homes and stood along Wilcox road to protest the construction of a crematorium across the 2 lane road from their subdivisio...

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Al-Arian trial, Computer evidence reliability, Immigration - by Lance Robson

The testimony of a FBI forensic expert continued today in the trial of Sami Al-Arian and three indicted co-defendants. LR reports

The prosecution continued to ask computer foresic examiner Kevin Arndt to identify Temporary Internet Files collected from the computers of Gassan Ballut & Hatim Fariz.
To clarify Temporary Internet Files are files that are downloaded to your computer each time you visit a website. If you were to visit the WMNF website your computer would store the pic...

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Thirty-six years ago today, gay and lesbian patrons at the Stonewall inn, a gay bar in downtown Manhattan, fought back against police harassment. To coincide with the anniversary of what’s become known as the Stonewall Rebellion, the last weekend in June has come to feature Gay Pride celebrations all over the world. In Toronto, more than 100,000 people joined the celebration on Sunday; In Paris 300,000 people marched through the streets. But despite the fact that in many places Pride...

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