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Sunday July 5, 2015


At the request of Hillsborough county commissioner Rhonda Storms, the commission decided yesterday to eliminate funding for a teen educational program sponsored by Planned Parenthood. Planned parenthood wanted the commission to give them almost 40,000 dollars over the next 2 years to fund Source Teen Theatre. The program, which teaches teenagers about drugs, sex, gangs and family violence has been funded intermittently by the county over the past few years. Barbara Dravecky is the presiden...

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Hillsborough County Executive Committee Heads Speak at Tiger Bay-By Mitch E. Perry

Despite the fact that there are 40,000 more Democrats registered in Hillsborough County than Republicans, currently the GOP dominates local Politics.

After last November’s election, in which President Bush took the County by over 6 percentage points, Democrats participation on the County Commission was reduced to only 2 members, with only 1 of them, Commissioner Kathy Castor, a reliable Democratic vote.

Today at the Tiger Bay Club in Tampa, the Chairs of the re...

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This past Monday, the mobile home of a gay man in Lakeland was found Monday set on fire, in what appears to be a hate crime. Local law enforcement haven’t yet released comment about the incident, but the incident is part of a trend that is casting a shadow on the Tampa bay area as a safe place for people of different sexual orientation.

ACT-Winfield “the words die fag were spray painted on this home that was torched..’

Brian Winfield is the communicati...

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The House-Senate energy bill conference committee has finalized the energy bill and the measure will be voted on imminently. Most of measures that were in the Senate bill, such as a renewable portfolio standard, have been taken out of the conference report. Our guest, Michelle Boyd, legislative director of the Critical Mass Energy Project, said the bill contains huge subsidies for oil and nuclear power while doing almost nothing to promote energy conservation or reduced reliance on oil impor...

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Miami Herald Fires Columnist- Mitch Perry

The Miami Herald fired columnist Jim DeFede last night because he tape-recorded a phone conversation with former Miami City Commissioner Arthur E. Teele Jr. without his knowledge yesterday.

That was just hours before Teele killed himself in The Herald's offices -- without ever knowing that the columnist recorded their conversation.

Both Publisher Jesús Díaz Jr. and Executive Editor Tom Fiedler said they fired the popular columnist because it is illegal for anyone to ta...

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At today’s city council meeting, development was the focus of the agenda, as proposals for controversial high rises in Hyde Park and downtown Tampa were debated. WMNFs Andrew Stelzer reports.

Last year, when the city of Tampa turned down the citivest companies proposal for a 20 story building at the corner of Bayshore boulevard and Desoto, Citivest sued, saying the property owners were denied due process and development rights were violated.

At last weeks city counc...

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U.S. Residents Pay More For Health Care Per Capita Than Any Nation On Earth

Americans pay more for health care per person than citizens anywhere else in the world, doling out half as much in medical expenses each year as the second-highest-cost country, according to a new study

And contrary to popular belief and political rhetoric, malpractice lawsuits have little impact on those high costs in this country. Nor does the fact that people elsewhere end up on waiting lists for care that is in short supply do anything to hold costs down, according to the study publish...

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Down To The Wire For The Central American Free Trade Act

In Washington, the House of Representatives is expected to vote tonight on CAFTA. The free trade agreement would eliminate tarrifs between the U..S. and six Central American companies. Our guests, Eric Rubin and Caitlin Martin of the Florida Fair Trade Coalition. It's a coalition of labor, environmantalists and small farmers. They talked about the track record of past free trade agreements and how they've affected jobs, immigration and the environment.

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The Museum of Science and Industry, or MOSI held a preview today of an upcoming exhibit on the human body. Members of the media were invited to see a preserved human body, one of 20 which will be at MOSI 3 weeks from now. MOSI will be the first place in the United states to hold the exhibit, titled Bodies, The Exhibition.

ACT--Roy “medical students don’t even get to see bodies like this, dynamic movement of the body,..�

Doctor Roy Glover is the chief medi...

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Clear Channel, Hillsborough EPC agree to mediation in Ampitheatre Dispute By Mitch Perry

The ongoing litigation between the Hillsborough County Environmental Protection Commission and Clear Channel Entertainment over noise levels at the Ford Ampitheatre took a break today when attorneys for both sides agreed today to temporarily suspend their legal battle and concentrate on achieving a settlement.

There have been 3 lawsuits ongoing in the saga, which originated by residents who live near the music venue complaining of excessive noise leaking from the area into their...

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